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How Does VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Work? VitalSleep holds the lower jaw forward. It achieves this by using the teeth.

Product Name: VitalSleep

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VitalSleep Review

VitalSleep Review

If you suffer from snoring, you may have considered getting a custom anti-snoring mouthpiece, like the popular “Breathe Easy” brand. However, you may be wondering if the price of such a device is worth it, especially since there are plenty of other brands of anti-snoring mouthpieces that are available. The “Breathe Easy” custom anti-snoring mouthpiece retails for about $250. It is completely anti-snoring, with no latex, BPA or metal molded components. Vital slept on their idea to design a product that is simple to use, comfortable and effective.

Vital sleeps on their idea of a thermoplastic elastomeric gel, which they claim works by creating a mold of your teeth. By creating this mold, the gel cools the tissues of your mouth so that they will not vibrate. When you are sleeping, your mouth is totally sealed off from the outside environment so the anti-snoring mouthpiece allows for air flow to enter the throat. With the air being allowed to get in, the vibrations are minimized and the result is a very peaceful night’s rest.

What is VitalSleep

This is an anti-snoring device that was created by a successful anti-snoring medical specialist named Dr. Paul De Vera. According to him, this is the only way to eliminate the snoring problem. By creating a seal with the airway, the vibrations are eliminated, and your airways are not damaged in anyway. He developed the Vitalsleep anti-snoring mouthpiece because he wanted to help people who were struggling to stop snoring. After using it for about six months, patients stated that they got a good night’s rest while still enjoying a soft comfortable sensation around their throat.

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You can order the custom molded teeth impressions using the Z Vulgar mouthpiece kit. It is not recommended for individuals below the age of eighteen, but most will work for teens as well. The custom molding process takes about sixty seconds and the process is extremely painless. If you have any health related issues, it is strongly recommended that you seek the counsel of your doctor before using the Z Vulgar mouthpiece, or any other anti-snoring device.

How does VitalSleep Works

A very reputable company produces the Vitalsleep line of products. The company is run by two men who enjoy hunting, sports, and building things. The quality of the Z Vulgar brand is backed by the FDA-cleared Biologic Response Modifiers. The product line also contains herbal remedies, an effective anti-snoring device, and a clinically proven methodology to treat snorers get quality, restful sleep.

In order to use the custom-made mouthpieces, you must be prescribed by a specially designed mouthpiece by your doctor. This is because the custom moldings required by the manufacturer do not fit anyone’s mouth. Because of this, all mouthpieces are custom made, which ensures that it fits comfortably and accurately. It is important to note that while the vitalsleep line of products are specifically designed to treat snorers, they do not treat any ailments that result in blocked airways.

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Unique Features of a VitalSleep Anti-Snore Mouthpieces

  • Unlike much of its rivals, VitalSleep offers a 60-day, money back guarantee!
  • According to the internet site, VitalSleep supplies free substitutes for a complete year for any type of factor whatsoever.
  • Not only does it supply a customized fit, it can be found in two various sizes, regular and also tiny. The small is 10 percent smaller than the normal size as well as is advised for women.
  • Each purchase features a cost-free electronic book titled “33 Tips To Reclaim a Good Night’s Sleep.”
  • The anti-snoring tool features a hex device that can be utilized to make small, incremental adjustments to fit your convenience needs. It can readjust the lower jaw onward approximately 7mm and enables you to open your mouth as much as 25 degrees.
  • VitalSleep can last over 2 years relying on exactly how frequently it is used, which is longer than lots of other anti-snoring tools.
  • Purchasers are protected by the Norton Purchasing Guarantee for comfort when acquiring.


  • Two size alternatives (tiny and also routine) for higher convenience
  • Specific fit with a deep bite aids it remain in place
  • Step-by-step modification helps make certain a custom-made fit
  • Variability in air passage opening handy for mouth rests
  • Can be put on over dentures
  • Test duration as well as service warranty are amongst the very best on the marketplace


  • Deep impressions need more attention to cleansing
  • Jaw pain can result, and also an adjustment duration is normal
  • No reimbursement on delivery if you return the mouth piece


An additional benefit of VitalSleep is the unique vitalsleep acupressure energyretention system. The acupressure system uses vital energy techniques to relax the body and jaw before going to bed. The unique acupressure nodes are placed on either side of each nostril. When the person sleeps, these nodes trigger specific energy points in the jaw, neck, and legs, resulting in a very relaxed state. Once the person goes to sleep, this relaxation process continues and helps him or her go to sleep easier without blocking the airways.

A major advantage of VitalSleeping is the fact that it can help prevent snoring by improving the jaw alignment. Since the mouthpiece fits snugly against the upper teeth, the jaw will align itself properly when asleep. The VitalSleeping mouthpiece is designed to follow the contour of the jaw in order to achieve the best fit and maximum benefits. If you have any concerns or questions about these amazing products, contact a trusted physician or dentist to assist you in choosing the best one that suits your needs.


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