VitaHear Plus Review: Natural Solution for Healthy Hearing?


In this comprehensive VitaHear Plus review, discover the science, ingredients, pros, and cons of this natural hearing health supplement.

Supplement NameVitaHear Plus
CategoryDietary Hearing Health Supplement
Net QuantityVaries by package
IngredientsNatural herbal and plant extracts
Main AdvantagesReduces tinnitus, supports healthy
Produced in an FDA-certified lab,
enhances blood circulation, and
supports cell growth.
Quality StandardsProduced in FDA-certified lab,
follows GMP guidelines.
Things To NoteNot for pregnant or nursing women,
consult healthcare expert for
serious medical conditions.
Suggested DosageTwo capsules daily with water.
Side EffectsNo known side effects.
PriceVaries by package.
Digital BonusesNone specified.
Money-Back Guarantee60-day satisfaction guarantee.
AvailabilityOfficial Website
VitaHear Plus Bottle


Tinnitus, a persistent ringing sound in the ears, can wreak havoc on one’s daily life, impacting sleep patterns, concentration, self-confidence, and overall well-being. If left untreated, it can even lead to hearing loss, memory issues, and other health complications. Pete Caldwell, a pediatric cardiologist, and US Naval Reserve Officer recognized the need for a solution that didn’t come with the negative side effects associated with some existing treatments. This motivation led him to create VitaHear Plus, a dietary supplement aimed at supporting healthy hearing naturally.

In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve into the world of VitaHear Plus, exploring what it is, how it works, its ingredients, benefits, scientific backing, pricing, pros, and cons. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether VitaHear Plus is the right choice for addressing tinnitus and hearing issues.

What is VitaHear Plus?

VitaHear Plus is a dietary supplement designed to naturally support healthy hearing. This innovative supplement claims to address issues such as hearing loss, tinnitus, brain fog, and ear ringing without the need for invasive or expensive treatments. VitaHear Plus boasts a formulation comprising 100% natural ingredients, including herbal and plant extracts, carefully balanced to deliver maximum benefits. Thousands of individuals, as per the official website, have already reclaimed their hearing using this supplement, and it is produced in an FDA-certified lab adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines, ensuring safety for individuals aged 18 and above without any adverse effects.

How Does VitaHear Plus Work?

The big question is, can a dietary supplement truly help restore healthy hearing? VitaHear Plus works through a combination of natural ingredients that target various aspects of hearing health. Several of these ingredients are potent antioxidants that combat free radicals in the body, reducing inflammation which can hamper normal ear function.

In particular, VitaHear Plus addresses the health of the delicate ear hair cells, which are essential for translating external sounds into signals sent to the brain. Over time, these cells can become damaged, leading to hearing problems. The supplement targets both inflammation and ear hair cells, making it effective in combating tinnitus, especially if it’s caused by these factors.

By taking two capsules of VitaHear Plus daily, you can purportedly reverse hearing loss issues, restore healthy hearing, and regain confidence in your auditory abilities.

Ingredients of VitaHear Plus

To comprehend the effectiveness of VitaHear Plus, it’s crucial to delve into its ingredients. Let’s examine each ingredient and its role:

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is indispensable for overall health, supporting mental well-being and neurological functions. It reduces the constant ringing and buzzing sounds in the ear, alleviating tinnitus.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C not only shields the brain but also aids in combating tinnitus, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s difficulties. It provides essential nutrients for cells and enhances the connection between the ear and the brain, promoting better hearing.


Hawthorn improves blood circulation to the brain by cleaning blood vessels, leading to relaxation and reduced anxiety, which can be vital for hearing health.

Juniper Berries

Juniper berries are a primary component of VitaHear Plus, responsible for purging the brain of harmful chemicals, and renewing and nourishing nerve cells, thus reducing tinnitus symptoms and enhancing cognitive abilities.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Leaf Extract contributes its antioxidant properties to protect brain and ear cells, aid in weight loss, and enhance neurotransmitters, leading to clearer communication between the mind and ear.


Garlic, known for its positive health effects, enhances cochlear function, strengthens auditory nerves, and promotes clearer hearing.

Hibiscus Extract

Hibiscus maintains optimal blood glucose levels, improves blood circulation and cholesterol levels, enhances neurotransmitter efficiency, and fortifies the body against irritating sounds in the ear.

Comprehensive Benefits of VitaHear Plus

The manufacturers of VitaHear Plus claim that this supplement offers several benefits that contribute to reducing the effects of tinnitus. These benefits include:

  • Minimizing the Effects of Tinnitus: VitaHear Plus is designed to reduce the symptoms and effects of tinnitus, including ringing, buzzing, and clicking sounds in the ears. It addresses the root cause of tinnitus, which is often related to inflammation and ear hair cell damage.
  • Reducing Inflammation: The supplement contains ingredients that help reduce inflammation in the body, which can contribute to tinnitus. Inflammation in the ear can lead to hearing problems, and VitaHear Plus aims to alleviate this issue.
  • Improving Blood Circulation: Some of the ingredients in VitaHear Plus work to enhance blood circulation, ensuring that the ear receives an adequate blood supply. Poor blood circulation to the ear can lead to tinnitus, and by improving this, the supplement supports ear health.
  • Supporting Healthy Cell Growth: VitaHear Plus helps promote healthy cell growth in the body, which is essential for reducing the symptoms of tinnitus. When the cells in the ear are damaged, it can result in tinnitus and the supplement aids in mitigating this damage.
  • Strengthening the Immune System: The supplement includes ingredients that strengthen the immune system. A robust immune system can combat infections that might contribute to tinnitus.
  • Reducing Stress and Anxiety: VitaHear Plus is designed to reduce stress and anxiety, which can be triggers for tinnitus or worsen its symptoms. By reducing stress and anxiety, the supplement can help in alleviating the effects of tinnitus.
  • Improving Sleep Quality: Quality sleep is crucial for overall health, and poor sleep can worsen tinnitus symptoms. VitaHear Plus aims to enhance sleep quality, thereby reducing the impact of tinnitus on one’s daily life.

Science Behind VitaHear Plus

The science behind VitaHear Plus is rooted in the understanding of how various natural ingredients interact with the body to improve hearing health. Antioxidants in the formula combat inflammation and free radicals that can impair ear function. Ingredients like green tea extract and garlic have demonstrated benefits in protecting brain and ear cells and enhancing neurotransmitter function, supporting clearer communication between the ear and the brain.

However, it’s important to note that while the individual ingredients have scientific support for their health benefits, VitaHear Plus itself hasn’t undergone clinical testing to validate its effectiveness. Additionally, the relative newness of the company behind the supplement means it lacks the established reputation of some competitors.

Price and Availability

VitaHear Plus is exclusively available through its official website. The supplement is offered in three different packages:

  • Single bottle: $69 with a small shipping fee.
  • Three bottles: $59 per bottle with free shipping.
  • Six bottles: $49 per bottle with free shipping.

Moreover, the manufacturer offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, allowing unsatisfied customers to request a refund within two months of purchase. For any questions regarding the return policy or other inquiries, customer service can be reached at:

  • Telephone: 1-302-200-3480
  • Email:
VitaHear Plus Price

Pros of VitaHear Plus

  • Reduction in annoying sounds: VitaHear Plus claims to reduce buzzing, ringing, and clicking sounds in the ear.
  • Natural and unadulterated: The supplement consists of 100% natural and unadulterated ingredients, ensuring safety.
  • Easy to consume: VitaHear Plus capsules are small and easy to swallow.
  • Improved auditory nerve: It not only protects the ears but also enhances the auditory nerve.
  • Money-back guarantee: A 60-day money-back guarantee provides assurance to users.
  • Stress reduction: VitaHear Plus aims to increase relaxation and reduce stress.
  • Enhanced cell nourishment: The supplement supports better nourishment of cells, promoting hearing ability development.

Cons of VitaHear Plus

  • Exclusive availability: The supplement is only available through the official website, limiting purchase options.
  • Specific use case: VitaHear Plus is primarily intended for those with tinnitus or ear-related conditions, making it unsuitable for individuals without such issues.
  • Not recommended during pregnancy: Pregnant women should avoid using VitaHear Plus, as with most supplements.
  • Allergy concerns: Individuals with known allergies should cross-check the ingredients list before use.


In conclusion, VitaHear Plus appears to be a natural and promising solution for those seeking to support healthy hearing function. The supplement’s blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs is designed

to address tinnitus and related hearing problems. Moreover, it is non-GMO, free from artificial ingredients, stimulants, and chemicals, ensuring safety for most adults.

However, there are some concerns to consider. VitaHear Plus lacks clinical testing to validate its efficacy, and the company is relatively new in the industry, lacking an established reputation. While it may be a decent option, there are potentially better choices available in the market, especially for those who seek scientifically validated solutions.

Ultimately, if you are considering VitaHear Plus, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare provider, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition or are taking medications, to ensure it is the right choice for your hearing health.


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