The Ex Factor Review: Navigating Breakups with Brad Browning’s Comprehensive Relationship Recovery Guide


Explore “The Ex Factor” by Brad Browning—an in-depth analysis of a digital guide designed to rekindle relationships post-breakup. Discover its chapters, benefits, and whether it’s the right strategy for your journey to reconciliation.

Product NameThe Ex Factor
Author/CreatorBrad Browning
CategoryRelationship Guide
PurposeWinning back ex-partner after a breakup
FormatPDF e-book
Video Series
Main ContentsStep-by-step advice
Psychological and Flirting Tactics
Usage InstructionFollow provided steps
implement psychological strategies
Things To NoteFocuses on winning an ex back
not a guide for personal growth
Price$47 (One-time payment)
Digital BonusesNLP Exercise Videos
Gender-specific bonuses
Refund Policy60-day money-back guarantee
Target AudienceIndividuals believing breakup was a mistake
Additional VersionUpgraded version with more resources
Success RateClaimed 90% if instructions are followed
AvailabilityOfficial Website
The Ex Factor


Navigating the complexities of a breakup can be a tumultuous journey, marked by heartache and uncertainty. In the midst of this emotional turbulence, Brad Browning offers a lifeline through his digital program, “The Ex Factor.” Designed with the explicit purpose of helping individuals reclaim lost love, this program provides a strategic roadmap for those seeking to win back their ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. In a landscape where emotions often run high and clarity can be elusive, Browning’s program emerges as a beacon of hope, promising tangible guidance. Rooted in a PDF e-book supplemented by a video series, audiobook, and additional resources, “The Ex Factor” aims to be a comprehensive toolkit for relationship recovery. As we delve into the intricacies of this program, we’ll uncover its strengths, limitations, and whether it holds the key to a successful reunion with a former partner.

What is The Ex Factor?

“The Ex Factor” stands as a digital relationship guide meticulously crafted by Brad Browning, dedicated to assisting individuals in winning back their former partners. This comprehensive program diverges into two distinct paths, catering to women aiming to rekindle with an ex-boyfriend and men seeking to win back an ex-girlfriend. Notably, it caters exclusively to heterosexual relationships, lacking specific courses for same-sex couples.

At its core, “The Ex Factor” revolves around a robust PDF e-book, comprising nearly 200 pages of expert advice strategically organized into a dozen chapters. The program transcends traditional written content, offering supplementary materials such as a video series and an audiobook version of the PDF. For those desiring a more immersive experience, an upgraded version is available, encompassing additional audiobooks and videos that delve into specific relationship elements like preventing breakups or exploring the science behind infidelity.

Crucially, the entire program is accessible online, with videos, e-books, and resources seamlessly integrated into a digital format. The ideal audience for “The Ex Factor” is someone who genuinely believes their breakup was a mistake and seeks practical steps to win back their ex. However, it’s important to note that the program may not be suitable for those looking to leverage a breakup for personal growth or explore the dynamics of their past relationship in a broader sense. “The Ex Factor” distinctly targets individuals with a singular goal—to win back an ex—making it a niche solution in the realm of relationship guidance.

About the Author

Brad Browning, the mastermind behind “The Ex Factor,” is an author specializing in divorce and breakups. With a decade of experience, he has assisted thousands of individuals facing relationship challenges. Browning’s expertise focuses on providing practical solutions for those navigating the complexities of a breakup.

What You Learn from The Ex Factor

“The Ex Factor” is designed for individuals who firmly believe their breakup was a mistake. The program offers specific steps, including psychological and flirting strategies, to make an ex reevaluate the decision to end the relationship. However, it falls short in addressing broader aspects such as compatibility and personal growth.

Chapter 1: Brad Browning’s Motivation

In the opening chapter, Brad Browning lays bare the motivations behind creating “The Ex Factor.” Delving into the intricacies of his own experiences and insights, he introduces the program as a response to the common challenges faced by individuals grappling with the aftermath of a breakup. This chapter sets the tone for the entire guide, establishing Browning as a trusted companion on the journey to relationship recovery.

Chapter 2: Attractive Traits

Moving beyond personal motivations, Chapter 2 delves into the essential traits that sustain attraction in a relationship. Browning offers valuable insights into the qualities that contribute to a lasting connection, providing a foundation for understanding how to rekindle the spark with an ex-partner.

Chapter 3: Unattractive Traits

In this chapter, Browning identifies a specific trait that can lead to an unexpected and abrupt breakup. By highlighting potential pitfalls, he empowers readers to recognize and rectify behaviors that may have contributed to the deterioration of their relationship.

Chapter 4: Breakup Quick Reference

A practical guide ensues in Chapter 4, offering a quick reference for navigating the delicate moments when a partner announces the decision to end the relationship. Browning equips readers with the tools to respond effectively, minimizing the risk of exacerbating the situation.

Chapter 5: Post-Breakup Strategy

Chapter 5 introduces a comprehensive strategy for the post-breakup period, emphasizing a crucial 31-day “no contact” period. Browning advocates for specific activities and coping mechanisms during this time, aiming to set the stage for a successful reconciliation.

Chapter 6: Unique Dating Strategy

Taking a unique approach, Chapter 6 encourages readers to embark on a dating journey with the intention of moving on. Browning explores the psychological dynamics of dating others and offers strategic insights into leveraging this experience to make an ex-partner take notice.

Chapter 7: Handling Unexpected Texts

Anticipating the unpredictability of post-breakup communication, Chapter 7 guides readers on how to handle unexpected texts from an ex-partner during the designated “no contact” period. Browning provides nuanced advice to navigate these potentially delicate interactions.

Chapter 8: No Contact Challenges

Addressing potential challenges that may arise when an ex-partner does not initiate contact after the prescribed period, Chapter 8 offers guidance on maintaining resilience and composure during this extended period of uncertainty.

Chapter 9: Resuming Communication

As communication with an ex-partner resumes, Chapter 9 provides a roadmap for rekindling the relationship through carefully planned and meaningful interactions. Browning shares tips on orchestrating a successful date and creating the groundwork for a renewed connection.

Chapter 10: Positive Self-Presentation

The final chapter focuses on presenting oneself positively to enhance the likelihood of rekindling the relationship. Browning provides insights into crafting a positive self-image as readers navigate the intricate process of getting back together after dating again.

Each chapter in “The Ex Factor” contributes a crucial piece to the puzzle of winning back an ex, offering a step-by-step guide that combines psychological insights with practical strategies for relationship recovery.

Comprehensive Benefits of The Ex Factor

“The Ex Factor” helps individuals heal and recover from a breakup by offering a step-by-step plan to re-attract their ex. Brad Browning, a self-proclaimed “relationship geek,” provides honest and personal advice akin to a friend. The program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, ensuring a risk-free investment.

How to Use The Ex Factor

“The Ex Factor” unfolds as an exclusively online program, offering users a structured approach to winning back their ex-partner. Here’s a detailed exploration of how to effectively utilize this digital guide:

Online Accessibility

“The Ex Factor” is a digital program, encompassing videos, e-books, and supplemental materials, all conveniently accessible online. Users can purchase and gain unlimited access to the program, eliminating the constraints of physical materials. This online accessibility ensures that individuals can engage with the content at their own pace and convenience.

Step-by-Step Advice Implementation

The core of the program lies in its step-by-step advice, meticulously designed by Brad Browning. Users are encouraged to follow these instructions with precision, incorporating psychological and flirting tactics aimed at re-attracting their ex. The structured nature of the advice provides a clear roadmap for users, simplifying the process of implementing strategies to win back their former partner.

Psychological and Flirting Strategies

Central to the program’s effectiveness are the psychological and flirting strategies advocated by Browning. Users are expected to understand and apply these tactics, leveraging insights into human behavior and attraction dynamics. The program offers a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical tips, guiding users on how to strategically navigate the complexities of post-breakup interactions.

31-Day “No Contact” Period

A key component of the program involves a prescribed 31-day “no contact” period. Users are instructed to abstain from communication with their ex-partner during this time, creating space for emotions to settle and strategic planning to unfold. Browning emphasizes the importance of specific activities and maintaining composure during this critical phase.

Integration of Video Series and Audiobook

In addition to the foundational PDF e-book, “The Ex Factor” incorporates a video series and an audiobook version. Users can leverage these supplementary resources for a more immersive experience. The video series and audiobook provide alternative formats for consuming the content, catering to diverse learning preferences and enhancing the overall understanding of the program.

Upgraded Version for Additional Resources

For those seeking a more comprehensive engagement, an upgraded version of the program is available. This version includes additional audiobooks and videos, delving into specific elements of relationships such as preventing breakups and understanding the science behind infidelity. Users opting for the upgraded version gain access to a richer set of resources for a more nuanced exploration of relationship dynamics.

In essence, the utilization of “The Ex Factor” involves an active and strategic engagement with the provided materials. Users are encouraged to embrace the online accessibility, follow the step-by-step advice, apply psychological and flirting strategies, adhere to the prescribed “no contact” period, and explore supplementary resources for a more thorough understanding. By navigating the program with commitment and precision, individuals can increase their chances of successfully winning back their ex-partner.

The Ex Factor: User Ratings

“The Ex Factor,” by Brad Browning, is a digital guide offering step-by-step advice and psychological tactics to win back an ex-partner after a breakup, with a focus on a 31-day “no contact” strategy and a claimed success rate of 90%. Priced at $47 with a 60-day money-back guarantee, it targets individuals seeking a specific path to reconciliation.

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The Ex Factor
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Result Expected
Product Quality
Price Range


“The Ex Factor” by Brad Browning is a digital guide providing step-by-step advice and psychological strategies to help individuals win back their ex-partners after a breakup, emphasizing a 31-day “no contact” approach and claiming a 90% success rate.


Price and Availability

“The Ex Factor” is available for a one-time payment of $47, providing unlimited access to the e-book, audiobook, and supplementary materials. The program assures a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Additional bonuses include “NLP” exercise videos for both men and women, focusing on Neuro-linguistic programming to aid in overcoming the emotional challenges of a breakup. Gender-specific bonuses include “Seven Steps to Sex Appeal” and “10 Commandments of Sexual Attraction” for men, while women receive “Text the Love Back.”


  • Holistic Healing: “The Ex Factor” helps individuals heal and avoid impulsive mistakes after a breakup.
  • Proven Plan: The program provides a proven step-by-step plan to re-attract an ex.
  • Expert Guidance: Brad Browning’s expertise and personal approach offer trustworthy assistance.
  • Online Accessibility: The exclusively online format allows convenient access to resources.
  • 60-Day Guarantee: A 60-day money-back guarantee ensures a risk-free investment.
  • Comprehensive Content: The program covers various aspects, including post-breakup strategies and positive self-presentation.


  • Lack of Relationship Assessment: The program doesn’t address whether rekindling the relationship is a good long-term decision.
  • Limited Scope: “The Ex Factor” focuses solely on winning an ex back and doesn’t offer a broader relationship perspective.


“The Ex Factor” by Brad Browning is a niche product tailored for those seeking to win back their ex. With a focus on specific strategies and tactics, it may prove effective for individuals whose situations align with the program’s assumptions. However, for those looking for a more comprehensive approach to relationships, encompassing personal growth and compatibility, this program may fall short. Ultimately, the decision to invest in “The Ex Factor” depends on your goal of rekindling a past relationship and your willingness to follow a specific plan designed for that purpose.


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