Tesla Lighter Survival Tool Review – Best Survival Lighter!!

The Survival Tough Tesla Lighter is a strong and powerful electric lighter that is a perfect addition to your survival pack.

One of my favorite outdoor topics is fire along with the tools to make it. Surprisingly there’s 1 product I have yet to check out, electrical lighters. These lighters have been in existence for a little while now and I just never got around to attempting on out. That’s until now.

Product Name: Tesla Lighter Survival Tool

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Tesla Lighter Survival Tool Review

Tesla Lighter Survival Tool Review

A long-lasting lithium ion battery, a Tenergy T lithium battery, and a spare battery are all you need in order to make it through one day without electricity in your home. If you haven’t thought about what you would do if the power went out in your home, then you are about to find out. Most people are surprised to know just how dangerous having a short-term supply of electricity in the house can be. In this article we will look at some Teslablight survival & emergency tips, as well as take a look at some useful and convenient tools you can keep on hand for those times when you do not have electricity available.

For your information, there is a tesla lighter survival tool review available on the internet that reviews different models of this type of battery powered device. It is very important to prepare an emergency kit for your family, so that you know what you would do in the case of an emergency. This type of kit will include items such as a tube or cylinder which can hold compressed air, a matchesbox, long-lasting batteries such as the ones on the tesla lighter survival tool review, as well as a long-lasting fuel such as propane. If you were wondering how long you would have to be without electricity, it would depend upon several factors including the amount of use the electrical devices would get. For example, the matchbox would last longer than the battery.

What is Tesla Lighter Survival Tool Review?

One item of note for all families that are going on camping trips is that you need to ensure you have emergency food and water supplies. The best way to store them is in a survival kit that you can buy locally or from your nearest outdoors store. Once you have those survival tools in place, you can then start thinking about what survival skills you will need for any kind of emergency situation. Most situations you will be faced with revolve around water. So if you are going on a trip where you might have to use a stream such as a brook, make sure you have a supply of water.


Smoke Alarms Another item you should consider investing in for your home is a smoke alarm. These can be purchased from your local outdoors store also, or you can order online. There are several different models you can choose from. Some may need batteries, while others may need to recharge as often as every hour. What is most important is that you invest in an item that not only will protect you from a fire but will also alert you to potential dangers in your surrounding environment.

How does Tesla Lighter Survival Tool Works?

Emergency Plumbing Another thing you may want to consider for your family’s survival is an emergency first aid kit. Having a kit available when nature calls can mean the difference between life and death. Even if you never feel the urge to use it, having one can help in many situations including being stranded in a remote area with no gas or electricity. There are several types of portable first aid kits you can purchase today such as light, water, and fuel free fire starters.

Food Supply Another part of preparing for a wilderness survival situation is creating a food supply that is ready to eat once you begin living off the land. This can be done by making a simple tesla lighter survival tool food supply list for each person in your family. Think of it as a way to get everyone eating the same food so there are fewer surprises once the inevitable happens. You will also want to consider how much food each person should take with them on any given day. This way you know when you will need to make changes in your cooking plan. Just having enough food for a week may be enough to allow you to make it through the first few days of a wilderness survival situation but what about the longer term.

Tesla Lighter Survival Tool Product

What do We Learn From Tesla Lighter Survival Tool

  • Long-Lasting:As it uses no fuel and runs entirely on pre-charged electricity, the Tough Tesla”Dual Arc” milder lasts a lengthy time. Not to mention the tough, military-grade outside & rubberized plastic make it almost indestructible so it’ll withstand tons of abuse.
  • Weatherproof Design: Since it is 100% windproof and has 100% waterproof cases it is possible to use your Tough Tesla”Double Arc” lighter in almost any circumstance. Laugh in Mother Nature understanding your lighter will provide you fire regardless of what she throws at you!
  • Tesla Lighter Survival: The Tough Tesla”Double Arc” milder is incredibly compact in only 2.8 x 1.9 x 0.75 inches. Plus it is super light, weighing less than 2.1 ounce. So you can take it with you and barely even notice it.
  • Easy to Use: If you’re in a survival situation you don’t have enough time to mess with complicated survival tools. Don’t stress. With the press of a button, the Hard Tesla”Dual Arc” milder will give you a raging fire. Easy peasy.
  • Smoke & Flame Free: Sometimes you would like to be stealthy in a survival situation. The Tough Tesla”Double Arc” lighter produces neither smoke nor glaring flame. Plus it will not use toxic fuels, therefore it’s also safer for you and better for your wellbeing!


  • Lightweight and Streamlined
  • Multiple tools Contained.
  • Flashlight, signal whistle, fire cable
  • Waterproof and windproof.
  • Close off security function


  • More expensive than a lighter
  • Dependent on a power source for indefinite use


Camping/Hiking Survival situations have been known to happen when you least expect them. While you are not required to carry food and supplies with you on a regular basis during your camping trips or expeditions, having these items can be very helpful. As a wilderness survival tool, the tesla lighter survival tool can come in very handy especially if you were to encounter an emergency situation where you must stay as calm as possible. It can keep your body comfortable in extreme conditions, allowing you to perform your basic first aid courses. There are different models you can purchase to meet your personal needs and your budget.

If you ever find yourself stranded in a wilderness location, you can use the tesla lighter survival tool to keep you comfortable, hydrated, and prepared. There are different options available to meet your needs such as the compact model or the full-sized style. Whatever you need, there is a style of this fire starter that will best suit your needs. There is no doubt that emergency preparedness is one of the most important things you can do for your family. By following a few simple guidelines from this survival guide, you can take care of yourself without worrying about what might happen.


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