South Beach Diet Review – Any Side Effects? Must Read!

A conventional eating plan has more carbs (carbohydrates) and less protein and healthy fats than the South Beach Diet. But it’s not a low-carb diet in the strictest sense.

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South Beach Diet Review

The second phase of the South Beach Diet has many elements that make it uniquely different from other weight loss programs. The initial phase, or the foundation, of the South Beach Diet starts by limiting carbohydrates to one half of what you usually eat. You still need to get your daily nutritional requirements through other foods. In this phase, you will only have three times as many carbohydrates as you do in the phase II.

The South Beach Diet works on the same principles of the New Keto-friendly South Beach Diet, a book by Dr. Arthur Agatston. In this book, he integrates the powerful principles of the South Beach Diet with the weight-loss benefits of keto. And the very same fundamentals have been harnessed to create this novel keto-friendly South Beach Diet.

And in other words, the South Beach Diet is a spanking new and life-friendly take on the classic keto diet, which is a strict, no-cheat diet that excises carbs from your meals and takes you into a state of metabolic ketosis, wherein your body starts using fat as fuel and you lose weight.

What is South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet is an immensely popular dieting trend developed by Arthur Agatston, also known as Dr. Atkins. It advocates eating foods with a lower glycemic index, defining healthy carbohydrates and fats as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. For instance, you are told to avoid refined carbs like sugar, white rice and bread, which are said to raise blood sugar levels. You are also encouraged to eat raw fruits and vegetables and cut back or completely eliminate meat, alcohol, coffee, sugary desserts and white bread.

What are the ingredients in South Beach Diet

In order to stick to the low carb diet, you and your doctor to establish which carbs you can and cannot consume. In the South Beach Diet, you are only allowed non-whole natural carbs. This includes such unlikely sources as pasta, rice and potatoes, which are rich in starch but poor in healthy fats. Since some carbohydrates are more easily converted into sugar, they are also classified as “not good carbs”. In this way, the south beach diet is not too different than the Atkins or Zone Diet.

Once you have restricted your intake of carbohydrates, you will start to experience its other side effects. You will crave for sweet treats, especially sweets that come in easily digested forms like candy bars, candy cane, M&Ms, and cake. In order to curb this cravings, your brain will be tricked into wanting more sweet treats. Your body will crave for more carbohydrates, making you eat even when you are not hungry. This is how the south beach diet gets you to eat more frequently and to want more.

The Maintenance Phase – Most diets recommend cutting your calorie intake by a set amount every week. In the south beach diet, this number is 30 per cent less than your normal daily calorie intake. This keeps you on track by telling your body to stop burning off its carbohydrates for energy. This allows you to slowly work your way back to your normal calorie intake.

In order to sustain the results of your weight loss, you must continue with your low-carb lifestyle even after you reach your weight loss goal. By cutting out carbohydrates, you reduce your calorie intake, allowing you to eat more fats, proteins and fiber. Although South Beach Dieters may feel slightly deprived initially, they have found that their bodies adjust to their new food choices, giving them long-term eating plans that keep them healthy and satisfied.

After the Maintenance Phase, people following the south beach diet would start enjoying the benefits of their weight loss. They can enjoy fruit salads, whole grain breads, and oatmeal. They can enjoy yogurt, cheeses, low-fat ice cream, chicken, fish and turkey. In other words, you get to eat delicious meals again. And since you are still allowed to eat some carbohydrates, you get more bang for your buck. It is like a weight loss buffet every day!

South Beach Diet Phases

South Beach Diet follows three main phases, with the initial phase being the strictest part of the diet.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of the diet lasts the first two-weeks. The focus is to help adjust to their own healthful eating program, and get rid of your sugar cravings. That means you will not be eating any bread, pasta, rice, or even fruit [8]. Sugary beverages and alcohol are also removed. The majority of your daily diet will include nourishment and non-starch vegetables. They also blend in some seeds, nuts, and also low-fat dairy. When you begin this stage, expect to get rid of the most fat.

Phase 2

Here is the steady weight loss phase, and you will be able to eat some of the foods that you eliminated during Phase 1, but in moderation. You may even drink some alcohol, but not more than a glass of wine per night.

Phase 3

When you achieve Stage 3, you will have attained your target weight and should hopefully be prepared to execute these new healthy eating and workout habits ahead for life. You don’t need to follow South Beach Diet to a T, but you might choose to continue to make smart choices so you do not gain the fat back.


  • Reduce to 7 Lbs in Stage 1
  • dip one to two pounds per week after week 1
  • Simple to Follow
  • Great for Those Who Hate Grocery Shopping
  • Food Tastes Great
  • Plenty of Menu Options to Choose From
  • New Keto-Friendly Menu Things
  • Clear Start, Middle, and End
  • Proven to be Safe and Healthy
  • Diabetes-Friendly Plan (Talk to your Physician before beginning the diet)
  • Generally considered fairly Inexpensive
  • Many Positive Testimonials


  • Must Stay Committed to the Plan to See Results
  • Is Not the Cheapest Delivery (COMPARE DIETS: South Beach Diet vs Nutrisystem)
  • They Do Not Currently Offer Strategies for Vegetarians
  • Diet Food Ins’t for everybody


In phase two, people eating the south beach diet would enjoy eating meals full of vegetables, protein and low-fat dairy products. They could also enjoy more fish, leaner meats and poultry. They would also have the opportunity to try new and tasty foods such as chocolate, oranges and bananas.

Since most South Beach Dieters is extremely busy working, this phase gives them the chance to enjoy meals without any stress, since they don’t have to cook. Phase three is when they begin to slow down their weight loss; here they can enjoy smaller but more frequent meals, along with fruits, vegetables and protein-rich dairy products.


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