SlimCrystal Bottle Review: Unveiling the Power of Crystal-Infused Wellness


In this comprehensive review, we explore the SlimCrystal Bottle, a unique water bottle infused with natural crystals. Discover its potential for weight loss, overall health support, and the science behind its claims.

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SlimCrystal Bottle


In the pursuit of overall health and well-being, people are constantly seeking innovative and natural solutions to enhance their lifestyles. One such product that has gained popularity in recent times is the SlimCrystal Bottle – a unique water bottle infused with the power of crystals. This article aims to delve into the world of SlimCrystal, exploring its features, benefits, and the science behind its claims. By the end of this comprehensive review, readers will have a thorough understanding of SlimCrystal and its potential impact on weight loss and overall health.

What is SlimCrystal Bottle?

The SlimCrystal Bottle is not just your ordinary water bottle; it is a fusion of modern design and ancient wisdom. At its core, the SlimCrystal Bottle is a glass water bottle with a built-in container of natural crystals. As water is poured into the bottle, it comes into contact with the crystals, which infuse the water with their unique healing properties. The main premise behind SlimCrystal is that by drinking water from this bottle, individuals can experience a range of health benefits, including weight loss, improved digestion, increased energy levels, and overall support for their well-being.

How SlimCrystal Bottle Works

The functioning of the SlimCrystal Bottle is centered around the nine natural crystals contained within it. Each crystal imparts specific properties to the water, thereby offering various health benefits. When water is poured into the bottle, it interacts with the crystals, which vibrate at specific frequencies. These vibrations are then transferred to the water, infusing it with the energetic properties of the crystals. The result is water with enhanced healing and revitalizing qualities.

Ingredients of SlimCrystal Bottle (Explained One by One)


Amethyst is one of the nine handpicked crystals present in the SlimCrystal Bottle. This gemstone is believed to aid in breaking bad habits and addictions. For weight loss, amethyst may play a role in helping individuals control their portions and avoid overeating, making it an essential component of the SlimCrystal blend.

Clear Quartz

As the first crystal shown to change the molecular shape of water, clear quartz holds a vital position in the SlimCrystal Bottle. This gemstone is said to stimulate the immune system, clear the mind, and promote better eating choices, thus contributing to overall health and weight management.


Moonstone is associated with mood enhancement and motivation, making it valuable in helping individuals stay inspired and focused on their weight loss and wellness journey.


Citrine is believed to be a powerful energizer and is often used to treat depression. As a part of the SlimCrystal blend, citrine may aid in detoxification and improved digestion, supporting overall well-being.


Carnelian is thought to be effective in boosting metabolism, reducing cellulite, and restoring vitality and motivation. With these properties, it can be beneficial for individuals seeking weight loss and increased energy levels.


Sodalite is known for its potential to boost metabolism, increase consciousness, soothe cravings, and promote healthy blood pressure, among other healing properties. In the context of SlimCrystal, it can further support overall health and well-being.

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is a crystal often associated with physical healing and increasing wealth and prosperity. As part of the SlimCrystal blend, it may contribute to a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Red Agate

Also known as the “warrior’s stone,” red agate can promote emotional stability, self-confidence, and security, instilling a sense of motivation and strength to pursue weight loss goals.

Red Jasper

The red jasper in the SlimCrystal Bottle is believed to support the circulatory system, detoxify the blood, and clear blockages from the liver and bile, making it an essential component in the pursuit of a healthier body.

Comprehensive Benefits of SlimCrystal Bottle

The SlimCrystal Bottle offers a range of potential benefits, many of which are supported by testimonials and the makers’ claims. These benefits include:

Natural Weight Loss

The primary health benefit highlighted by the makers of SlimCrystal is natural weight loss. Testimonials and a 6-month trial reportedly show that individuals have experienced significant weight loss by drinking water from SlimCrystal Bottles regularly.

Support for Overall Health and Happiness

The blend of natural crystals in the SlimCrystal Bottle is believed to support overall health and well-being, promoting a balanced and positive lifestyle.

Improved Digestion

Many of the crystals infused in the water are thought to aid in healthy digestion, which is crucial for weight management and overall health.

Increased Energy and Vitality

The vibrations of the crystals are believed to infuse the water with enhanced energy, leaving individuals feeling more vital and rejuvenated.

Emotional Support

Certain crystals in the SlimCrystal Bottle, such as moonstone and citrine, are known for their emotional support properties, helping individuals stay motivated and focused on their goals.


The crystals’ energetic properties may contribute to the body’s detoxification process, helping remove harmful substances and supporting overall wellness.

Inner Strength and Confidence

Red agate and carnelian are believed to instill emotional stability, self-confidence, and willpower, which can be essential qualities in a weight loss journey.

Metabolism Boost

The crystals in the SlimCrystal Bottle, such as sodalite and carnelian, are associated with boosting metabolism, aiding in weight management.

Attraction of Abundance and Happiness

Some crystals in the blend, including citrine and green aventurine, are thought to increase inner vibration, attracting abundance and happiness.

Science Behind SlimCrystal Bottle

The science behind the SlimCrystal Bottle centers around the unique properties of crystals and their potential to infuse water with enhanced healing and revitalizing qualities. Crystals vibrate at specific frequencies, and when water comes into contact with the crystals in the SlimCrystal Bottle, it absorbs these vibrations. This process is believed to restructure and revitalize the water, transforming it into “living water” with a harmonious hexagonal structure.

One intriguing concept associated with SlimCrystal is the notion of hexagonal water. According to the makers of SlimCrystal, newborns have significantly higher levels of hexagonal water in their bodies than older adults. With age, the percentage of hexagonal water gradually decreases, leading to potential health issues. By drinking water from the SlimCrystal Bottle, individuals may restore their body’s levels of hexagonal water, potentially leading to various health benefits.

Price and Availability

The SlimCrystal Bottle is available for purchase online through the official website. The standard price for one SlimCrystal Bottle is $117, with an additional shipping cost of $9.95. For those interested in purchasing multiple bottles, the price drops to $97 per bottle, and free shipping is offered within the United States.

Pros of SlimCrystal Bottle

  • Natural Weight Loss: The testimonials and the reported results from the trial suggest that SlimCrystal may facilitate natural weight loss.
  • Enhanced Overall Well-Being: The unique blend of crystals is believed to promote improved digestion, increased energy levels, emotional support, and more, contributing to overall well-being.
  • Scientific Trial: Unlike many crystal products, SlimCrystal claims to have undergone a clinical trial, adding an element of credibility to its claims.
  • Positive Customer Reviews: Numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers indicate that some people have experienced notable benefits from using the SlimCrystal Bottle.
  • Eco-Friendly Design: The glass construction of the SlimCrystal Bottle is a more environmentally friendly alternative to single-use plastic water bottles.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: The 60-day money-back guarantee provides customers with the assurance of a risk-free trial.
  • Bonus Offerings: The inclusion of digital bonuses, such as the Slim Over 55 Program and Healthy Fat Loss Desserts, enhances the value of the purchase.
  • Unique Concept: The concept of infusing water with the energy of crystals is intriguing and appeals to those interested in holistic approaches to health.

Cons of SlimCrystal Bottle

  • Limited Scientific Evidence: While the trial conducted by the makers of SlimCrystal is promising, there is a lack of peer-reviewed scientific research on the specific benefits of crystal-infused water.
  • Individual Variability: Results and experiences with SlimCrystal may vary among individuals, and not everyone may experience the same level of benefits.


The SlimCrystal Bottle presents an intriguing concept that combines modern water bottle design with the ancient wisdom of crystals. Its unique blend of natural crystals aims to provide users with a range of potential health benefits, including natural weight loss, increased energy levels, improved digestion, and emotional support.

While the scientific evidence supporting the specific claims of SlimCrystal is limited, the positive customer reviews and reported results from the clinical trial provide a glimpse into the potential effectiveness of this crystal-infused water bottle.

Ultimately, the decision to try the SlimCrystal Bottle depends on individual preferences and beliefs. For those interested in holistic approaches to health and well-being, the SlimCrystal Bottle may offer a unique and exciting way to support their wellness journey. As with any health-related product, it is essential to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating SlimCrystal into one’s daily routine.

In conclusion, the SlimCrystal Bottle represents a blend of ancient crystal knowledge and modern wellness practices, offering a captivating and potentially beneficial experience for those seeking natural ways to support their health and weight loss goals.


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