Prostate 911 Review: Unveiling the Benefits, Ingredients, and Results


In this Prostate 911 review, we explore its ingredients, benefits, and whether it’s the solution you need for prostate health.

Supplement NameProstate 911
CategoryDietary Supplement
Net QuantityVaries by package (e.g., 1, 2, or 4 bottles)
IngredientsNatural ingredients
Stinging Nettle
Saw Palmetto
Pygeum africanum, and more
Main AdvantagesSupports prostate health
Reduces BPH symptoms
Improves urinary system, and more
Quality StandardsScientifically backed formula
Things To NoteConsult a healthcare professional before use, not recommended for individuals under 18
Suggested DosageAs directed on the product label
Side EffectsPossible side effects include bowel issues, headaches
Price1 BOTTLE – $69.95 FREE Shipping
2 BOTTLES – $119.90 FREE Shipping
4 BOTTLES – $199.80 FREE Shipping
Digital BonusesInformation not provided
Money-Back GuaranteePhytage Labs offers a 90-day money-back guarantee
AvailabilityOfficial Website
Prostate 911


Prostate 911 is a dietary supplement that claims to support a healthy prostate gland and alleviate symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate, such as frequent urination and discomfort. In this comprehensive review, we will explore what Prostate 911 is, how it works, its ingredients, the benefits it offers, the science behind its formulation, pricing and availability, as well as its pros and cons. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of this product and whether it may be the right choice for you.

What is Prostate 911?

Prostate 911 is a top-selling supplement designed to address the discomfort and symptoms associated with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). BPH is characterized by an enlarged prostate, which can lead to sensations of an incomplete bladder emptying, frequent urination (especially at night), intermittent urination, difficulty starting to urinate, and straining during urination. While an enlarged prostate itself may not cause pain, it can be highly inconvenient.

Prostate 911 aims to manage the signs and symptoms of BPH while promoting the overall health of the urinary tract. The company claims that all the ingredients used in this product are sourced organically and have undergone scientific research to validate their effectiveness in improving prostate health and, consequently, men’s reproductive health.

This supplement is formulated with a concentrated blend of active ingredients with the primary goal of helping individuals return to their daily lives without experiencing a loss of libido, poor erections, or the inconvenience of frequent urination.

How Does Prostate 911 Work?

An enlarged prostate can lead to various issues, including a constant urge to urinate, potential damage to the kidneys and urinary tract, and discomfort. Prostate 911 addresses these health concerns through a two-step approach.

The first step involves the primary component, Stinging Nettle, which has the ability to reduce the size of the prostate. In clinical studies, it has been shown to alleviate 93% of BPH symptoms, making it more effective than a placebo.

The second key ingredient is Saw Palmetto, which is also known for its prostate-reducing effects. According to scientific research, it is one of the most efficient plants for decreasing prostate size. When combined, these two ingredients in Prostate 911 form a powerful formula that enhances prostate health and significantly reduces prostate size, allowing urine to flow freely without obstruction.

In addition to these key components, Prostate 911 contains other ingredients such as beta-sitosterol, which helps prevent the synthesis of harmful DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and assists in maintaining testosterone in a beneficial form. This is essential in the transformation of good testosterone into bad testosterone.

Ingredients of Prostate 911

Prostate 911 is packed with a range of natural ingredients, each contributing to its effectiveness in promoting prostate health. Let’s delve into the specifics of these ingredients:

Stinging Nettle

Stinging Nettle is a crucial component of Prostate 911. It contains a blend of vitamins and minerals that can help the prostate return to its normal size. This ingredient inhibits the aromatase enzyme, which is responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen. By keeping testosterone in its beneficial form, Stinging Nettle aids in shrinking the prostate, making it an essential element in managing BPH symptoms.

Saw Palmetto Berries

Saw Palmetto is another key ingredient frequently found in supplements for male reproductive health. It has been proven to reduce the size of the prostate, improve testosterone levels, and provide high antioxidant content to help prevent urinary tract infections.

Pygeum Africanum Bark Powder

This ingredient is known for its ability to reduce prostate size and ease discomfort caused by inflammatory conditions, stomach pain, and urinary issues. Certain compounds in Pygeum aid in shrinking the prostate, making it beneficial for individuals with enlarged prostates.

Uva Ursi

Also known as Bearberry, Uva Ursi is a top candidate for urinary tract health and liver cleansing. It has been tested on volunteers who reported reduced discomfort during urination.


L-Alanine is a unique amino acid that effectively eliminates nocturia, a condition characterized by the need to urinate at night.

L-Glutamic Acid

L-Glutamic Acid helps protect the body from pressure and discomfort, preventing stress from building up on the prostate, which can contribute to its growth.

Pumpkin Seed Extract

Pumpkin seed extract is recommended by German physicians for prostate health due to its high content of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, as well as vitamins E and K. These components help maintain and promote healthy prostate growth and contain amino acids that reduce damage to prostate cells.

Broccoli Leaf

Broccoli leaf extract contains a potent combination of glucosinolates and sulforaphane, which inhibit cancer cell growth and protect against benign prostatic hyperplasia. It is crucial in the fight against cancerous cells and helps maintain a healthy urinary system while reducing BPH symptoms.

Minerals (Selenium, Zinc, and Copper)

These minerals play a vital role in enhancing male reproductive health and reducing the size of an enlarged prostate. They also relax the muscles in the penile fibers, which helps widen the urethral canal.

Vitamins (B6 and E)

Vitamins B6 and E are included in Prostate 911 to help fight infections, reduce prostate enlargement, and protect the urinary tract from infection.


Glycine benefits the treatment of enlarged prostate tissue and helps the body develop muscle while converting glucose into energy. Recent research suggests that glycine can protect the body against cellular disorders when combined with antioxidants, making it beneficial for various health issues, including prostate cancer, renal disease, intestinal discomfort, and more.

Comprehensive Benefits of Prostate 911

Prostate 911 offers a range of benefits to individuals seeking to improve their prostate health and overall well-being:

  • Boosts Testosterone Levels: Prostate 911 helps increase testosterone levels, which can lead to an improved sex life and enhanced vitality.
  • Strength and Resilience: Over time, Prostate 911 may help you become stronger and more resilient.
  • Defends the Urinary System: It helps protect the urinary system from various illnesses and eliminates toxins that can be harmful.
  • Normal Urine Flow: Prostate 911 supports normal urine flow, making it easier to empty your bladder without discomfort.
  • Nocturia Reduction: By reducing chronic nocturia, it may minimize unintentional urination and promote better sleep.
  • Alleviates Discomfort: Prostate 911 may alleviate persistent discomfort and stiffness in the lower back, pelvic, hip, and upper thigh areas.
  • Boosts Immunity: As your immunity is strengthened, your overall health may improve.
  • Erectile Dysfunction Prevention: Using Prostate 911 may help prevent the development of conditions like erectile dysfunction (ED).

Science Behind Prostate 911

The formulation of Prostate 911 is backed by scientific research and studies. The active ingredients in this supplement have been shown to be effective in reducing the size of an enlarged prostate, improving urinary tract health, and enhancing overall prostate health. These studies support the claims made by the manufacturer and provide a strong foundation for the product’s effectiveness.

Price and Availability

Prostate 911 is available for purchase through the official website. The brand offers three pricing options:

  • One bottle of Prostate 911: $62.95
  • Two bottles of Prostate 911: $107.91
  • Four bottles of Prostate 911: $179.82

These pricing options allow customers to choose the package that best suits their needs and budget.


Prostate 911 offers several advantages that make it an appealing choice for individuals seeking to improve their prostate health:

  • Natural Ingredients: The product contains only natural ingredients at effective dosages, reducing the risk of adverse effects.
  • Convenient Size: Prostate 911 pills are lightweight and small, making them easy to consume.
  • No Prescription Required: No prescription is needed to purchase this product.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: The manufacturer, PhytAge Labs, offers a complete refund in case the product does not meet your expectations.


While Prostate 911 offers numerous benefits, there are some potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Online Availability: Prostate 911 is only available for purchase online through the official website.
  • Age Restriction: It is not recommended for individuals under the age of 18.


In conclusion, Prostate 911 is a dietary supplement designed to address the symptoms and discomfort associated with an enlarged prostate, providing potential relief and improvements in prostate health. With a blend of natural ingredients, scientific backing, and a money-back guarantee, it offers a promising solution for those seeking to enhance their prostate health.

As with any dietary supplement, individual results may vary, and it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new regimen. If you’re experiencing prostate-related issues, Prostate 911 may be a viable option to consider in your journey towards better prostate health.


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