Practical Ways To Improve Yourself


Are you a person who likes to develop? Are you constantly trying to improve and better? If you do, we will have something in common. I am very passionate about personal development. Just four years ago, I discovered my passion for developing and helping others. I was 22 years old and my last year at university. As I mentioned the sense of life, I realized that there is nothing better than life-long efforts for development and development. By improving, we can make the most of our lives. After actively contributing to my six-year growth and helping others grow in my blog for personal development, I understand that some self-improvement never ends. The more I develop, the more I understand that I do not know so much that I have to learn. Of course, we can always improve everything. Human potential is unlimited, so it is impossible to reach a point without growth.


Read a book every day:

read a book

Books are concentrated sources of wisdom. The more you read books, the cleverer you can reveal them. What books can you read to get rich? Some of the books that I read and find useful are Think and Grow Rich, which moved my cheese to seven rich and 80/20 way habits. If you read a book every day, you will do it. The brain will provide more and more knowledge. Do you know how best to keep all this knowledge and information? You need this digital brain.

Learn a new language:


Language learning is complex; That’s one of the reasons I really like it. You have four different but related skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – which are in turn connected to thousands of separate but related facts – grammar rules, glossaries, pronunciation rules, etc. learn how to work in the last nine years these aspects were my passion and passion. Describing in detail every aspect of this method is a lot of material (hence the coming book!) That should help.

Pick up a new hobby:


Is there anything new without your usual interests that you can take? A new sport that you can learn? For example, fences, golf, mountaineering, football, kayaking or skiing. Your new hobby can also be a hobby. Thinking, etc. In order to learn something new for you on ceramics, Italian, dance, wine, knowledge, web design, you have to develop in various aspects, be it physical, mental or emotional.

Take up a new course:


Is there a new course you can join? Courses are a great way to acquire new knowledge and skills. It should not be a long-term course – even seminars or workshops serve their purposes. I took part in several workshops and helped me get new insights that were not discussed before.

Create an inspirational room:


Your environment determines your mood and tone. If you live in an inspiring environment, you’ll be happy every day. In the past, I do not like my room at all because I thought it was dirty and boring. A few years ago I decided it was over – I started the Mega Room Revamp project and upgraded my room. Final score? Space from which I will take full pleasure and which inspires me every day.

Overcome your fears:


We are all afraid. Fear of uncertainty, fear of public speaking, fear of danger … All our fears keep us in the same position and prevent us from developing. Understand that your concerns indicate areas where you can grow. Fear, I always look at the compass of growth. When something scares me, I still have to deal with it, and when I do, I can grow.

Level up your skills:


If you play video games, especially RPGs, you know that leveling – gaining experience to become better and stronger. As a journal, I always try to improve my writing skills. As a speaker, I am constantly working on improving my advertising. What skills would you achieve at this level?

Wake up early:

Many (Anthony Robbins, Robin Sharma, and other self-help gurus) admitted to getting up early (5-6 hours) to improve their productivity and quality of life. I think this is because if you go early, your mind will keep up with the pace and work day after day.

Have a weekly exercise routine:


It’s better to start a better physical condition. Personally, I think that at least three times a week you will be struck for at least 30 minutes. You can mix it with jogging, gymnastics, and bathing.

Get out of your comfort zone:


Real growth is associated with hard work and sweating. To be comfortable, it will not help us grow, stagnate. What is your comfort zone? How often do you stay on? Do you keep your space when you are with other people? Shake your routine. Do something different Because you are in a new context, you just start to learn to behave in new circumstances.

Identify your blind spots:


Students blindly indicate areas that our eyes can not see. When it comes to personal development, things that we do not know are blind. The discovery of dead spots helps us discover areas in which we improve. One of the exercises on which I discovered my dead spots is to identify all things/ events/people that cause me. These are my dead spots. It’s always fun to do it because I’ve been discovering new things about myself, even if I think I already know my blind spots (but then it would not be blind?).

Show kindness to people around you:


You will never be too friendly with anyone. Many of us are not sufficiently respected by the people around us. When we are friendly, we can improve other qualities such as compassion, patience, and love. When you return to your day later, in this article you will invite more people to love and look at how they react. Also, pay attention to how you feel that you are friendly to others. There is a chance that you will feel even better than you.

Commit to your personal growth:


I can write article lists with 10 options, 25 options, 42 options or even thousands of ways to improve, but if you do not want to join your personal development, it does not matter what I write. Nothing will be achieved. We are responsible for our personal development – not for anything else. Not your mother, your father, your friend, me or Lifehack. Make the decision to connect with personal growth and get involved in a lifelong journey of growth and change. Start your own development by selecting and editing some of the steps above. The results can be immediate, but I promise you will feel positive changes for yourself and your life if you keep them. You are here to take some action to improve. The faster you do, the faster you’ll see the results.