Nerve Shield Pro Review: Unveiling the Enzymatic Solution for Rapid Nerve Pain Relief


Explore the groundbreaking Nerve Shield Pro in this comprehensive review, unveiling its enzymatic approach for rapid and natural relief from nerve pain.

Supplement NameNerve Shield Pro
CategoryNerve Health
Net Quantity60 capsules per bottle
Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract
B Vitamins
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Main AdvantagesEnzymatic relief
Nerve regeneration
Blood flow support
Quality StandardsFDA-registered
GMP-certified facility
Things To NoteUnique claims
Limited availability
Suggested Dosage2 capsules daily
Side EffectsLimited reported side effects
Price$69 per bottle
Digital BonusesThe Neuropathy Code
Smarter Blood Sugar Protocol
Money-Back Guarantee180 days
AvailabilityOnline on official website
Nerve Shield Pro


In the realm of health supplements, Nerve Shield Pro has gained significant attention as a nerve health solution designed by Professor Michael Peters. Claiming to offer relief from burning and tingling nerve pain within just seven days through a 5-second morning ritual, this supplement has intrigued many seeking alternatives to traditional approaches. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the various aspects of Nerve Shield Pro, including its ingredients, benefits, working mechanism, scientific backing, pricing, pros, cons, and conclude with an overall assessment.

What is Nerve Shield Pro?

Nerve Shield Pro is a nerve pain relief supplement developed by Professor Michael Peters, a former neuropathy sufferer based in Virginia. Having experienced the challenges of neuropathy himself, Professor Peters embarked on a journey to discover a natural solution to address the root cause of nerve pain. The result is Nerve Shield Pro, a daily supplement aimed at combating the MMP-13 enzyme, which is identified as the primary culprit behind nerve pain.

How Nerve Shield Pro Works

Nerve Shield Pro operates by targeting the MMP-13 enzyme, considered the root cause of nerve pain. The supplement’s formulation, consisting of B vitamins, lion’s mane mushroom extract, and alpha lipoic acid, aims to lower the levels of MMP-13 in the body. By doing so, it seeks to alleviate nerve pain symptoms and facilitate the rebuilding of damaged nerves. Unlike traditional approaches that focus on diet, prescription medication, and an active lifestyle, Nerve Shield Pro places emphasis on addressing the specific enzymatic cause.

Ingredients of Nerve Shield Pro

Let’s explore the key ingredients of Nerve Shield Pro and understand their roles in combating nerve pain:

Biletin (Alpha Lipoic Acid):

Biletin, a specialized form of alpha lipoic acid, is included for maximum bioavailability and benefits. While specific information about biletin is limited, it is described as the most bioavailable form of alpha-lipoic-acid. This antioxidant is believed to elevate glutathione levels, associated with reducing inflammation in the body, making it particularly beneficial for those with blood sugar control issues.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract:

A time-tested ingredient in traditional medicine, lion’s mane mushroom extract is known for supporting immunity and overall health. In Nerve Shield Pro, it aids in rebuilding damaged nerves by stimulating the ‘nerve growth factor’ and contributing to the restoration of the myelin sheath, the protective layer for nerves and neurotransmitters.

B Vitamins:

The supplement contains significant doses of B vitamins, including folic acid (B9), methylcobalamin (B12), benfotiamine (B1), and riboflavin (B2). These vitamins play a crucial role in cell growth, including nerve cells in the brain and nervous system. Studies suggest that B vitamins assist in nerve regeneration, offering relief to individuals dealing with neuropathy.

Comprehensive Benefits of Nerve Shield Pro

Nerve Shield Pro boasts a range of benefits, making it an attractive option for those seeking nerve pain relief:

  • Natural blend of ingredients linked to permanent nerve pain relief.
  • Rebuilding and repairing damaged nerve cells.
  • Support for blood flow, pain relief, and overall circulatory health.
  • Inclusion of free shipping and bonus eBooks with all purchases.
  • Backed by a 180-day moneyback guarantee.

Science Behind Nerve Shield Pro

The science behind Nerve Shield Pro centers on the identification of the MMP-13 enzyme as the root cause of nerve pain. Professor Peters and his team assert that this enzyme degrades the protective coating, myelin sheath, surrounding nerve cells. The supplement’s formulation aims to target and lower elevated MMP-13 levels, leading to a significant decrease in nerve pain symptoms. Contrary to the belief that neuropathy is an irreversible condition, Professor Peters advocates for the regrowth of nerves through the incorporation of natural ingredients.

Price and Availability

Nerve Shield Pro is priced at $69 per bottle, with potential cost savings for those opting for multi-bottle purchases. The supplement is accessible online, and the official website offers a user-friendly platform for placing orders. The pricing structure is as follows:

  • 1 Bottle: $69
  • 3 Bottles: $177 ($59 per bottle)
  • 6 Bottles: $294 ($49 per bottle)

Additionally, a 2023 promotion includes two free bonus eBooks with 3 and 6 bottle purchases, enhancing the overall value for customers.

Pros of Nerve Shield Pro

Nerve Shield Pro presents several advantages that contribute to its appeal:

  1. Natural Ingredients: The supplement features a blend of natural ingredients, including lion’s mane mushroom extract and B vitamins.
  2. Targeted Approach: Nerve Shield Pro focuses on addressing the specific enzyme (MMP-13) associated with nerve pain, offering a unique approach compared to conventional methods.
  3. Positive Customer Reviews: Customer testimonials on the official website highlight rapid relief from nerve pain and overall satisfaction with the product.
  4. Bonus eBooks: The inclusion of free bonus eBooks provides additional resources for managing neuropathy and promoting overall health.
  5. Moneyback Guarantee: Nerve Shield Pro is backed by a generous 180-day moneyback guarantee, providing customers with reassurance.

Cons of Nerve Shield Pro

While Nerve Shield Pro presents promising features, it’s essential to consider potential drawbacks:

  1. Limited Availability: As of now, Nerve Shield Pro is primarily accessible through its official website, limiting options for those who prefer purchasing from other platforms.
  2. Unique Claims: Some of the supplement’s claims, such as an African ritual-based nerve reinnervation process, may raise questions about scientific validation and cultural appropriateness.


In conclusion, Nerve Shield Pro emerges as a compelling option in the realm of nerve health supplements. Developed by Professor Michael Peters, the supplement addresses nerve pain at its enzymatic root cause, offering a distinct approach compared to traditional methods. The incorporation of natural ingredients, positive customer reviews, and the support of a 180-day moneyback guarantee contribute to its appeal. While some claims may raise eyebrows, the scientific evidence and user experiences suggest that Nerve Shield Pro holds promise in providing relief from nerve pain. As with any health supplement, individuals should consult with healthcare professionals before incorporating Nerve Shield Pro into their regimen.

Nerve Shield Pro: User Ratings

Nerve Shield Pro is a nerve pain relief supplement developed by Professor Michael Peters, a former neuropathy sufferer based in Virginia.

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Nerve Shield Pro
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In conclusion, Nerve Shield Pro emerges as a compelling option in the realm of nerve health supplements.

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