The goal of Lifebook Online is simple -to improve your life. It’s a six-week course on Mindvalley, created by Jon and Missy Butcher. 

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Lifebook Review

Lifebook Online is one of Mindvalley’s few courses not included in the yearly Membership, yet it has long been one of the most popular.

Is it worth $500? Is it life-changing? How can it be free? Discover.

First of all, I’ve taken several personal development programs, most of which were subpar. My love of Mindvalley is evident in my writing.

Lifebook Online was exciting since I’ve been taking their courses for over two years. It met expectations. Yes, it can transform your life.

The $500 fee may seem high, but it truly separates individuals who want to transform their life from those who just want to try it.

Lifebook Online guarantees a $500 return if you finish the course. They’ll do it since they’re sure you’ll appreciate the software.

I admire Lifebook Online’s well-made course. The 6-week course won’t overwhelm you.

I like that classes just take a few minutes a day since most people don’t have much time to learn. Live calls and FAQ sessions are also amazing.

Dedication to your Lifebook can help you remember your objectives and ambitions. Writing it down may boost motivation and action, improving you.

To keep concentrated, write it out. Spend six weeks contemplating your life. Read your writing regularly to assess your progress and goals.

Update the Lifebook with new ideas, plans, objectives, and other life events. This will give you direction and push you to achieve your best.

What Is Lifebook Online?

Mindvalley’s Lifebook Online helps you become your greatest self online. The self-discovery program covers health, relationships, job, money, and spirituality.

Lifebook walks you through creating and living your perfect life. The program includes meditation, journaling, visualizations, and other transformational techniques to help you change from the inside out.

It also offers strong community support and accountability to help you attain your objectives. Lifebook Online empowers students to improve their lives for good.

How is Lifebook Online Structured?

Lifebook Online helps you plan your life. It provides three weekly training videos to help you create a book chapter.

Each video will help you understand your current situation, your goals, and why. This clarifies your identity and life objectives.

This software guides and motivates you to write your future, making it easier. You may use the software on your computer or phone anytime you like. Mindvalley Lifebook Online helps you discover your ideal self!

Each Lifebook Category Has Four Stages


Beliefs help us govern our life. Rewiring our bad tendencies may help us achieve good results. Beliefs impact our worldview, self-image, and talents.


It helps us comprehend and separate our wants from society and social media. Strong visions help us concentrate on our life goals and make choices based on our beliefs. A clear vision supported by powerful emotion may develop strong brain connections that propel us toward our objectives.


Vision purpose is crucial. It motivates and explains your goals to your conscious brain. Clear goals shape new neurons.


Plan and act to succeed. Taking modest moves in the correct way will take us to our objectives, even if we don’t know how.

Lifebook creators Jon and Missy Butcher:

Lifebook Online founders Jon and Missy Butcher are successful entrepreneurs. Because they did the “impossible,” I adore learning from them.

They are affluent and successful while spending time with family and traveling. Jon co-wrote Lifebook Online with his wife Missy.

Jon and Missy inspire confidence, clarity, enthusiasm, and pleasure. Classes flow well, and meditations aren’t difficult, making it simple to concentrate.

Knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful professors. In FAQ sessions, they clarify complicated subjects clearly. No questions remain.

How To Get Mindvalley Lifebook Online For Free?

Lifebook Online is free. Users may get a reimbursement after completing the Lifebook. Users must finish the book’s self-improvement tasks to qualify.

After that, customers must submit receipts and an online form. After the paperwork is accepted, they should get their money within 4-6 weeks.

This ensures you get the most out of Mindvalley Lifebook Online and maximizes your investment. This system provides free, high-quality self-help advice.

Lifebook Online Refund Policy?

Lifebook Online may also be returned within 15 days. This no-questions-asked policy guarantees consumer satisfaction and avoids unwanted purchases.

Contact customer support within 15 days of purchase with your order number and reason for returning the merchandise to expedite your refund. Customer service will reimburse after verifying your details.

Can You Do Lifebook Online As A Couple?

Lifebook Online allows couples. Staying connected and sharing this experience with your spouse is great. Setting objectives, gaining new skills, and improving communication are terrific ways to grow as a pair.

Lifebook Online lets you both develop while holding each other responsible. Sharing life-changing lessons strengthens your connection.

This will help couples grasp each other’s values, views, and future ambitions. Lifebook Online strengthens couples individually and together.

How Long Does It Take To Complete Lifebook Online?

Lifebook Online takes 60 days. You spend 3 hours a week on two aspects of your life. This makes it simple to incorporate into busy schedules. Lifebook Online also recommends a social media detox.

This will help you concentrate and free up time for self-improvement and live your dream life. Lifebook Online is ideal for anybody seeking substantial life improvements because to its moderate effort and time commitment.

Lifebook is a record of your life that you may update through time. Consider family history, notable events, and recollections to start.

Then divide the book into parts to record your life. Photos and other artifacts may enhance your tale. To document your life, update anytime significant events occur.

How Was My Experience With Lifebook Online?

Lifebook helped me refocus, rewire, and remember my goals. I skipped certain bits since I wasn’t interested, but overall, it helped me concentrate and find balance.

I was inspired to apply what I learned from the training since the concepts were simple. I like Lifebook overall.

After Lifebook Online, use new information and skills. I’m going to take everyday measures to achieve the best life for myself in 2023.

I can achieve great things with constant effort. With devotion and attention, it’s achievable. Lifebook Online will help me reach my objectives faster.

Is There Anything Better Than Lifebook Online?

Lifebook, with its holistic approach to life creation and design, stands out among the many fantastic online courses available today. It helps you define your principles, set priorities, create an action plan, and find like-minded people.

It also offers mentors, coaches, and specialists for advise. Lifebook Online is great, however some people may prefer alternative applications.

Before choosing a program, compare possibilities based on your interests and objectives. Lifebook Online is my top choice for life design.

Does Lifebook Online Give Lifetime Access?

Lifebook Online contents are constantly accessible. I still suggest backing up your stuff on an external hard drive or cloud storage to avoid losing anything.

These safeguards provide Lifebook access for as long as you need it.

Benefits Of Lifebook Online

Helps you see where you are and where you wish to go

Helps you see clearly and generate new subconscious models to keep you motivated.

Helps you avoid misconceptions and misinformation that might hinder your achievement.

Helpful in achieving life objectives

Is Lifebook Online Worth It?

Lifebook Online is worthwhile. Writing and imagination are used to reach your subconscious mind in this creative curriculum for personal improvement.

These two methods may help you discover underlying motives and ideas and create beneficial life adjustments.

It gives daily support, advice, and structure. Lifebook Online is a versatile self-improvement tool.

Lifebook Online Negative Reviews

Lifebook has gotten some bad reviews, mostly from members who have not written in their Lifebooks. They’ve said they’re overwhelmed with information and resources.

This may intimidate novice journalers. Some consumers found the software hard to use and the customer care personnel unhelpful. This hasn’t bothered me.

Many quit within 15 days of signing up due to fears that they won’t be able to collect the reimbursement if they finish the course.

Lifebook offers a 15-day money-back guarantee for courses completed. However, consumers are still cautious of taking the risk and would prefer a simpler approach to receive their money back.

Lifebook should address these complaints and clarify their reimbursement scheme to increase consumer satisfaction.

Users who failed to achieve their life objectives following the training left unfavorable feedback. Many individuals joined the online program to transform their lives, but without the course’s structure and supervision, they couldn’t remain motivated.

Thus, many Lifebook users quit up and saw no long-term benefits. Lifebook Online may not be right for everyone, but those who are motivated to transform their life have benefited.

Does Lifebook Online Work?

Lifebook Online works. You may enhance your eyesight and be ready to take on the world in 6 weeks. Your brain will build new concepts and neural connections as you go through the training.

This will accelerate and boost your confidence. The training will likely give you a greater enthusiasm for life and purpose.

Lifebook is a great learning tool. Tracking progress keeps you motivated to apply the plan. Many individuals, like myself, become thrilled about a new course, but after a few weeks, they lose interest.

lose interest. Lifebook Online reminds you of your daily routine, vision, objectives, and reasons for progress to prevent that. Mentors answer questions and give advice in the program

Lifebook Online Lessons Explained:

Lifebook has many useful items. In fact, you will be asked to complete an evaluation to determine your life quotient score.

Lifebook Online Course

The score is only a number used for calculations and to improve your Lifebook experience. It will also monitor your progress at the conclusion of the program. Lifebook Online:

Brief introduction

Jon and Missy Butcher, Lifebook Online educators, will introduce it subtly. They discuss Lifebook Online’s progress and how it will affect you. It won’t be a dull lecture.

Lifebook Online will begin with two weekly courses on a common procedure after the introduction. Lifebook Online will spend 4 hours a week on two vital life issues.

Thus, I will quickly describe my Lifebook Online experience each week to provide you an overview.

Week 1: Mental and Physical

Jon nailed Week 1. Jon embraced the advise that health comes first and gave a stunning first-week impression of how other broken elements of your life might be the cause of your bad health. Indirectly.

I was surprised and saw my health and fitness in a whole new light. Lifebook Online’s indicator.

Intellectualism also stressed awareness of the mind. Great scenario revealed manifestation talk.

You see things via the third eye, which is unusual.

Week 2—Emotional Character

It seemed logical to integrate the two categories as a full person has a balanced emotional sense.

Jon opens up about his background in Week 2 so people may identify to his vulnerability and not feel trapped. He advises keeping happiness and grief in balance.

He also promises difficulties after the program. Because too much of anything is useless, let yourself experience everything, even melancholy.

Happiness should not be the main objective. Correct?

Character development, reframing your value, creating a healthy relationship with oneself, and transformation are covered. Jon makes discussing character simple.

Week 3—Spiritual Love

Jon wonderfully shows how spirituality and intelligence combine. Week 3 is about spiritual awakening, life purpose, and conscious mind freedom. I struggled as a spiritual beginning.

You’ll eventually come to the topic’s center. Gradual.

Unconsciously learned information will also be unlearned. Have you seen movies where the protagonist says, “I’ll discover my purpose and be injured by the villain”? Nope.

Instead, you’ll discover why you were born and your life’s purpose, like a self-discovery adventure that works.

Love matters. After committing to someone and having a happy relationship, you become a lovely pair. That’s one greater person, and Jon proposes several ideals to teach and practice to maintain it longer and deeper.

Week 4: Parenting and Socializing

Non-parent. Yet. Lifebook Online’s life teachings were motivating. You learn parenting fundamentals.

As previously said, this section may appear unimportant to non-parents. The professors say it mentors younger individuals, but I disagree.

Parenting is crucial and even the tiniest impact on others, particularly younger children, is a tremendous duty for the influencer.

Authentic development influencer, not Instagram influencer. Although I learned parenting ideas, I didn’t focus on the parenting component.

Since I’m not a party animal, I focused on the “social” area to get out of my shell and mingle. Building a fascinating characteristic and social life influence were among the recommendations.

Jon advises avoiding taking advantage of a friendship but assessing its value—good, poor, conscious, and untold.

Week 5:Career and Finance

Most young individuals struggle with profession choice. Still a problem.

Some mindlessly follow opportunities. Financial and career assistance helps others see the possibilities.

Jon connects your goal ideas to professional prospects in Week 5. He also emphasizes career prospects.

It seemed like a knowledgeable guy offered career advice. I have a job, however I found several persuasive arguments to improve my work life.

Money’s financial influence is also deeply discussed.

Week 6: Vision and Life Quality

Materialistic images and things may blind people to life beyond material goods. It jolted me into reality.

We continuously want a better tomorrow and occasionally sacrifice the present for it.

Unfortunately, our current activities only affect the future. Lifebook Online Week 6 revealed my life vision.

Everyone has a dream, but few pursue it. Jon was correct to advise me to hustle for my vision.

He also suggests considering any area of Lifebook Online as all parts of life are interconnected.


  • Lifebook Online assesses you before and after to track your improvement.
  • Great videos will help you focus on the course.
  • transforms your life planning and goal-setting.
  • After the training, you may change your life for the better.
  • Live and pre-recorded video calls guide Mindvalley.


  • The course has 12 parts, however not all are relevant to everyone.
  • Courses are seldom provided.

Is Lifebook Online expensive?

Unlimited resources make Lifebook Online life-changing. Not endless, yet several advantages under one roof. Win-win.

Lifebook is pricey, but hear me out. You’re getting fantastic value. Lifebook Online is a terrific investment for life reflection.

Lifebook Online digital access costs $199. It usually costs $1250, but at the discount rate, it looks reasonable.

Lifebook Online Pricing

Be quick! Lifebook Online is also testing a unique return policy. Lifebook Online requires $500 investment and rigorous completion without missing classes.

If so, you may request a complete refund and get it.


After finishing Jon and Missy Butcher’s Lifebook on Mindvalley, I think it’s worth it for some.

Lifebook is a great self-help initiative with a clear objective.

This training helps you organize and plan your life. I liked the 12 life category templates for creating a 100-page lifebook.

If you finish the course and receive your reimbursement within the deadline, Lifebook is free, making the course even more worthwhile.

Great bargain. I found it worthwhile.


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