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Genie Script is a revolutionary program that allows you to realize deeply by listening to the particular frequency that has the high potential.

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Genie Script Review

Genie Script is a one-of-a-kind programme. Wesley Virgin has created a monthly programme. The programme is designed to help people manifest better in all aspects of their lives, including their emotional, mental, and financial situations.

What, if anything, makes you happy? Things like emotional state, mental state, and financial state are all possibilities. Many people’s happiness depends on these three states. It comes as no surprise, however, that many people are looking for techniques to successfully navigate through these phases.

However, skillfully navigating through them is easier said than done. You may be seeking for strategies to minimise your stress or make the required modifications to the challenges you’re dealing with as a result of your situation Genie Script

You can uncover solutions and roads that will help you navigate successfully and feel pleased and fulfilled on the other side.

It’s big business to help people find happiness, which is why there are so many recommended solutions today. Unfortunately, it has been proven that many of the services do not give the necessary assistance. Even when they do manage to create something resembling results, the results are inconsistent.

We will give our honest opinion on the Genie Script in this review, leaving nothing out and ensuring that you see everything you need to know. This meditation method claims to help you make the best of a bad circumstance, and we’ll help you figure out if it lives up to the hype.

What is Genie Script?

The Genie Script is a manifestation technique that combines ancient “vitality work” with cutting-edge mind research. It’s a thirty-day programme that teaches you how to meditate in a fresh way that will help you improve your money and overall well-being. It’s available in a number of different formats, including audio, video, and ebooks. Wesley named his programme after the genie in the hopes of assisting you in the same way that a genie would. Having access to the web-based system can encourage you to think positively in order to achieve your objectives. You’ll discover all you need to get started with meditation and manifesting your wildest fantasies.

Even individuals who have never meditated before will find this simple to perform because the sound and frequency involved are so powerful that they do all the work for you. You can easily remove bad thought tracks when you focus on positive vibes. You will become more calm, composed, and empathic as a result of this. As you meditate, you will have a greater understanding of your mind’s reactions to meditation. You’ll be able to resist the temptation to abandon your ambitions if you shift your thinking perspective. The term “genie” is cleverly used in the name to emphasise the idea of getting things done by imagining them.

How Does Genie Script Works?

Genie Script is the only programme that will teach you how to use your conscious and unconscious minds to think and act in the same way in order to accomplish the results you’ve always wanted.

You may effortlessly obtain a better financial, emotional, and mental state by learning the unique success meditation and manifestation secrets.

Here you can learn how to meditate regularly for 30 days using the influence of “Unusual Soothing Sound” to materialise infinite money, health, wellness, success, and realisation of all your aspirations.

Meditation will quickly improve your thinking and help you to experience inner calm and a clean mind Genie Script

Begin practising this novel meditation approach and persevere in your efforts to reach a positive outcome.

Of course, as compared to other mediation or manifestation methods that you have tried in the past, this faultless technique works incredibly well.

Discover the one-of-a-kind approach to meditate that will help you get million-dollar outcomes. In truth, the approach is simple to implement since it uses specific sounds and frequencies to realign your brain waves and keep you focused on your objectives.

About Wesley’s New 30 Day Meditation Program

For the majority of customers, the genie script has proven to be a successful manifestation programme that allows them to achieve their goals.

4 x 10-Minute Meditation Every Week – Every week, Wesley’s programme consists of four 10-minute sessions in which he teaches you how to develop your own unique meditation techniques. There are four 10-minute sessions per week of the programme.
Video Training On The 5 Meditative States – If you wish to meditate well, you must first comprehend the method. Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, and Gamma are the five brain wave states. Wesley talks over the benefits of each condition in detail in the video training sessions, as well as when to place oneself in each state for the best outcomes.
Access To Wesley’s Private Facebook Community – Wesley incorporated a private Facebook community with this meditation programme. This private community allows you to learn about, post, share images or videos, and connect with people who share your goals and vision. You can also get encouraged by other people’s results in the Facebook group, which will help you stay focused for the entire 30 days.
EBooks – Reading is a relaxing activity as well. Genie Script reading a novel, you can become so interested in the tale that you lose track of time and forget about the world around you. That is a clear indication of complete concentration on a single task. We focus on ourselves in the current moment when reading a wonderful book or a very intriguing article with new information. Reading the information and course materials for this contemplative programme is comparable. Reading them will also keep you focused and help you offer the proper opinion, approach, rationale, or insight, especially when it comes to manifesting a better emotional, mental, and financial situation.

Advantages of Success Reflection Genie Script

Overcome Addiction: People who are struggling with dependency issues should consider meditating. The techniques taught in this programme have the potential to alter brain receptors linked to drug addiction. At the same time, they reduce the need to deal with addictive materials. Meditation has also been shown to be effective in reducing relapse in addicts due to its healing properties.

Boosted Memory Features as well as Learning Talents: The many areas of the brain associated with learning, focus, and recollection are revitalised by reflection techniques. Furthermore, the technique aids in improving mental agility and task performance.

Increases Interest Span: According to one self-care testimony, a specific research study found that meditation could improve an individual’s focus span. It doesn’t matter how long the session lasts; even the shortest sessions can train your mind to stay focused by instilling self-control and encouraging endurance. Furthermore, the technique can be used as an effective tool to train your mental capacity to focus on the tasks ahead of you.

Protects Against Pessimistic Idea Loops: It’s not uncommon for one’s ideas to wander into negative loops on a regular basis. Typically, the loops cause a person to recall negative experiences such as disappointments and errors. If you let them go on for too long, they might erode your positive self-image and become an impediment to achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself. You can close this negative notion loophole by reflecting on it.

Boosts Self-Recognition: Meditation allows you to come to grips with who you are as a person while also revealing your hidden abilities. You will go through a self-inquiry phase as a result of it, which is supposed to help you understand who you are and who you want to become. Meditation on a regular basis makes it easier to measure your self-efficiency and learn about your limitations. It becomes much easier to develop superior analytic skills over time.

Tap into Your Creative Side: When you meditate, you will learn how to expand your mind and welcome new thoughts. It’s a method that alters your mind’s ability to engage in divergent reasoning, which is no different than your daily brainstorming sessions. Furthermore, the skills you’ll learn will allow you to focus on the duties ahead of time as you strive to come up with practical solutions for each one Genie Script.


  • Genie Script is a user-friendly tool that contains tried-and-true strategies and the keys to effortlessly reprogramming your mind.
  • It includes nine courses that will help you understand the facts and gain clarity as you work toward your desired goals.
  • Genie Script is extremely safe to use, really useful, and available at a fair cost.


  • You won’t be able to use Genie Script if you don’t have a good internet connection.
  • If you leave any information or instructions, you will almost certainly be delayed or miss out  the opportunity to fulfil your goals.
Genie Script Guarantee


Before dealing with numerous challenges in our lives, we need clear our brains in order to stay focused and have a positive attitude. It may, however, be difficult to do so. Meditation will help you get through difficult moments by keeping you calm and in control. You may retrain your mind and master the unique meditative frequency with this meditation practise to better improve your life Genie Script.

Before implementing the meditative programme, you do not need to know or have completed a first meditation procedure. Wesley’s new success meditation technique, Genie Script, demonstrates and effectively links you to higher financial, emotional, and mental condition. When you use the programme to manifest your goals, you will be ecstatic with the results.

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