Foligray Review: Nourishing Hair Pigmentation Naturally for Vibrant and Healthy Strands


Explore the comprehensive insights into Foligray, a natural dietary supplement combating premature greying. From ingredients to benefits, discover the key aspects for vibrant and healthy hair.

Supplement NameFoligray
CategoryHair Pigmentation Support
FormulationNatural Dietary Supplement
Net QuantityVaries by Package
Pantothenic Acid
Herbal Extracts, and more
Main AdvantagesPromotes Healthy Hair Pigmentation
Nourishes Hair
Strengthens Immune System
Quality StandardsNatural Ingredients
Clinically Proven
No Synthetic Fillers
Things To NoteResults May Take Time
Adult Use Only
Suggested Dosage2 Capsules Daily
Side EffectsNone Reported
Natural Composition
PriceOne Bottle: $24.95 + $4.95 Shipping
Two Bottles: $44.96 + $4.95 Shipping
Buy Four Bottles, Get One Free: $89.92 + $4.95 Shipping
Digital BonusesNot Specified
Money-Back GuaranteeNot Specified
AvailabilityOfficial Website
Vitapost Foligray


In the quest for maintaining youthful appearances, the issue of premature greying of hair has become increasingly prevalent. Foligray, a dietary supplement by Vita Balance Inc., emerges as a potential solution to this concern. This article delves into the depths of Foligray, exploring its composition, working mechanism, benefits, and more to provide an informed perspective for those seeking a natural approach to support hair pigmentation.

What is Foligray?

Foligray is a natural dietary supplement meticulously crafted to address the pervasive issue of premature greying of hair that plagues both men and women in today’s fast-paced world. Developed by the reputable health and wellness company Vita Balance Inc., Foligray stands out as a simple yet potent solution to the challenges posed by erratic work schedules and unbalanced lifestyles, which often result in inadequate nutrition for maintaining healthy hair. This daily hair pigment care and nourishment supplement offers a user-friendly approach to triggering the natural hair pigmentation process. Its formulation is the result of a thoughtful blend of herbal extracts, highly efficacious vitamins, and essential minerals that collectively work to impart nutritive support for vibrant and healthy-looking hair. As individuals increasingly grapple with premature greying, Foligray positions itself as a reliable ally in restoring complete health to lackluster, greying manes by providing the necessary nutritional support for optimal hair health.

How Foligray Works

Foligray operates on the fundamental principles of understanding and addressing the intricate process of hair pigmentation. The color of our hair is determined by melanin, a cluster of pigment molecules within our hair follicles. Foligray intervenes in this process by recognizing that two types of melanin, eumelanin for darker shades and pheomelanin for lighter shades, play a crucial role in defining the color of our hair. The melanocytes, found in hair follicles, are responsible for pigmenting the hair as it grows. However, factors such as aging, oxidative damage, and physical ailments can lead to a reduction in pigmentation, resulting in premature greying or lighter hair. Herein lies the essence of Foligray’s effectiveness – it provides the necessary natural ingredients to counteract these factors. The inclusion of a high-potency enzyme called Catalase is pivotal, catalyzing the transformation of hydrogen peroxide into water. Excess hydrogen peroxide is known to disrupt melanin production, and by reducing it, Foligray mitigates the greying effects on hair. Additionally, the supplement incorporates a blend of botanicals and nutrients such as Pantothenic Acid, Copper, Zinc, and others, working in harmony to promote hair pigmentation, encourage growth, and alleviate oxidative stress on the hair follicles. In essence, Foligray’s working mechanism is a testament to its comprehensive approach in nurturing the natural pigmentation process and maintaining the health of the hair from root to tip.

Ingredients of Foligray

Understanding the components of Foligray sheds light on its efficacy. The key ingredients include:


An enzyme that converts hydrogen peroxide into water, preventing oxidative damage and supporting hair structure and pigmentation.

Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)

Promotes healthy hair pigmentation, natural growth, and adrenal health.


Optimal levels aid the activity of tyrosinase, an enzyme responsible for pigment production, preventing greying.


Encourages strong and healthy skin, hair, and immune system.


Supports healthy cell growth and oxygenation in the scalp.


Assists in hair regrowth, thwarts premature greying, and improves thickness and shine.

Other Ingredients

  • Horsetail Stem
  • Saw Palmetto Berries
  • PABA
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Plant Sterols
  • Nettle Root
  • Chlorophyll
  • Fo-Ti Root Powder
  • Barley Grass Juice Powder

Comprehensive Benefits of Foligray

Foligray offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Encouraging healthy growth and pigmentation of hair.
  • Supplying essential nutrients for healthful hair pigmentation.
  • Supporting healthy levels of L-Tyrosine, a key component in melanin production.
  • Reducing hydrogen peroxide to prevent oxidative damage to hair structure.
  • Maintaining the quality and health of hair follicles.
  • Nourishing hair from root to tip.
  • Enhancing the shine, color, and vibrancy of hair.
  • Preventing greying and hair fall without negative side effects.
  • Strengthening the immune system.

Science Behind Foligray

The science behind Foligray revolves around a meticulous understanding of the biological processes governing hair pigmentation. At the core of its effectiveness lies the recognition of melanin, the pigment responsible for hair color, and the factors that can disrupt its production. Foligray employs a strategic blend of natural ingredients, including catalase, pantothenic acid, copper, zinc, folate, and biotin, all backed by scientific research. Catalase, a pivotal enzyme in the formula, plays a crucial role in neutralizing hydrogen peroxide, a factor linked to oxidative damage and greying. The inclusion of essential vitamins and minerals supports the activity of enzymes like tyrosinase and promotes healthy cell growth, contributing to the prevention of premature greying. This scientific foundation sets Foligray apart, ensuring a comprehensive and targeted approach to maintaining not just hair pigmentation but also overall hair health.

Foligray: User Ratings

Foligray, a natural dietary supplement, addresses premature greying by nurturing hair pigmentation with a potent blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts. Its comprehensive approach supports overall hair health, promoting vibrancy and strength from root to tip.

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Vitapost Foligray
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Foligray is a natural dietary supplement designed to combat premature greying, promoting vibrant and healthy hair through a blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts.


Price and Availability

Foligray is available in different packages:

  • One Bottle: $24.95 + $4.95 Shipping
  • Two Bottles: $44.96 + $4.95 Shipping
  • Buy Four Bottles, Get One Free: $89.92 + $4.95 Shipping


  • Natural Composition: Foligray comprises herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals, avoiding harmful additives.
  • Scientifically Proven: The formula targets the root causes of greying with clinically proven natural ingredients.
  • Comprehensive Nourishment: Addresses not only greying but also promotes overall hair health, structure, and growth.
  • No Harmful Fillers: Unlike some supplements, Foligray excludes synthetic fillers, prioritizing essential hair-friendly elements.
  • Catalase Enzyme: Contains a high-potency enzyme that neutralizes hydrogen peroxide, a key factor in hair greying.
  • Immune System Support: Strengthens the immune system, contributing to overall well-being.


  • Gradual Results: Foligray is not a quick fix; users are advised to take it consistently for over 180 days for optimal results.
  • Adult Use Only: Marketed for adults, Foligray is not recommended for those under medication, pregnant, or nursing.


In conclusion, Foligray emerges as a compelling and holistic solution for individuals seeking to combat the pervasive issue of premature greying of hair. This natural dietary supplement, developed by Vita Balance Inc., stands out for its thoughtful formulation, which addresses the root causes of hair greying. By harnessing the power of essential vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts, Foligray not only triggers the natural pigmentation process but also nurtures overall hair health from the roots to the tips. The inclusion of the high-potency enzyme Catalase is a key highlight, neutralizing the harmful effects of hydrogen peroxide and disrupting the greying process. Unlike some supplements in the market, Foligray prides itself on its natural composition, devoid of synthetic fillers that may pose long-term health hazards. The comprehensive benefits extend beyond preventing greying to promoting shiny, vibrant, and healthy-looking hair while strengthening the immune system. While acknowledging that results may take time, Foligray positions itself as a trustworthy companion in the journey to maintain youthful and vibrant hair. With its scientific backing, affordable pricing options, and a focus on overall well-being, Foligray makes a compelling case as a reliable and natural ally in the quest for optimal hair pigmentation and health.


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