Excellent Ways to Begin Your Spiritual Journey!!

Introduction To Spiritual


During the first therapy session, which he has to rent for 20 years, NICE actually LOOKS in the past. I told my story, but I still heard the truth. At the end of the session, he said quietly: “You are mentally hungry.” I started to cry. I am an adult 31 years old. Deep in my head, I knew he was right.

One of my students told me that she took the beach on foot. When he landed in the sun, he rose to the rock at the edge of the water. She looked at the ocean and felt that she had become one with nature – with the sun on the horizon, waves on her legs, pastel colors and insidious western skies. She said, “At that moment I felt eternal, knowing that these things last for millions of years before arriving and that they will live millions of years ago when I leave.” Therefore, I was deeply moved and started to cry. ”

Reflection, meditation, prayer, rituals and other spiritual practices have the power to free the “force of life” in the deepest parts of the human psyche that global intervention cannot achieve. Indeed, new evidence suggests that religious and spiritual intervention can help when everything fails.

Begin Your Spiritual Journey

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Relaxation And Meditation

“In my opinion, there is no greater source of strength and power in my life than understanding peace, peace and real power,” says Oprah Winfrey in his daily series “Remember Your Spirit.” Contact Dr. The answer to relax. Herbert Benson (Dimensions, 1990), designed for gradual rest of this type.


Prayer is probably the oldest spiritual practice and the most popular in America. Almost all religions in the world recognize this form as the most important spiritual life. “All religions are real,” says George Luc, who plays good and evil religious themes in the blockbuster Star Wars series. “Religion is, in fact, a container of beliefs and beliefs, and it is very important that it allows us to maintain stability and balance.” Mental and emotional release, along with an understanding of the transcendental dimension, can be the basis for the effectiveness of prayer.

Spiritual Reading

Every religion in the world has sacred sacraments. To read more, read Who reads? Every year a list of interesting celebrities’ celebrations for which a lot of inspiration. Football coach Mike Ditka says that the Bible gives him perspective. Muhammad Ali Koran is the best book of spiritual guidance. Less conventional text, healing, and mind Bill Moyers (Dimensions, 1993) is a favorite of both the talk with sorcerer Lee Gibbons and actress Carol Channing. Take a look at the local bookstore or library until you find something that you like.

Time In  Nature

For Henry David Thoreau, who escaped from civilization to live in the Walden pond, nature was the temple of God and the source of eternal life. A powerful spiritual moment – and we have all experienced this – is the moment in which we face perfection and a wonderful moment on earth. Scientist Carl Sagan wrote about his time in the wild: “The wind blows through the ruins of Southwest Americans and no one can hear us outside.”

Spiritual transformation


Spiritual transformation is an important theme of Western art – the Remedios version In psychology, spiritual transformation is understood in the context of the individual’s sense system, especially in terms of sacred or final protection. Two of the most comprehensive psychological treatment options are Kenneth Pargament and Raymond Paloutzian. According to Parghmant, “the spiritual transformation of his heart represents a fundamental change of the holy place or sacred character in the life of the individual.” Spiritual transformations can be understood as new configurations of aspirations. “Palutzian says that” spiritual transformation is a system that means that man is the basis of self-definition, interpretation of life, ultimate goals and ultimate concern

Spirit Of Guidance

The spirit of leadership is the expression of universal Sufism in the universal intelligence expressed in the human mind.

Because of the different names and forms of Sufi religious movements in the world are like a veil that includes the “spirit of orientation” that has appeared on all levels of evolution. This interior guidance is always in the beautiful book of the mystery of nature, to reveal the endless message of love, to understand the relationship between matter and spirit and a conscientious heart.

Main points

The spirit of leadership is the divine spirit in his charisma of the human mind. The human mind is a microcosm, and the divine mind is macros.
Every human experience becomes an experience of the divine spirit, so it knows all creatures. So it is the sum of all experiences.
Intuition, inspiration, vision, revelation, and prophecy are propagated through the orientation of the Spirit in a microcosmic form.

Spiritual development


Spiritual development is the development of a person in the direction of a desirable, spiritually or spiritually, better personality.


Theravada –  Samatha, and vipassana

Through the Traditions of Theravada Buddhist Meditation, There are two types of Samatha (Pali, Sanskrit: Amamatha “rest time”) and Vipassana (insight). [Internet 1] Samathy’s meditation is the main goal of calming the mind and is also used by other Hindu traditions, especially dhyana, as described by Yoga South.

Today the Orthodox Theravada is considered to be the preparation of Samatha Vipassana, fits the mind and strengthens the concentration of knowledge to work that leads to liberation. In contrast, according to the Vipassana movement, the level of intelligence can be distinguished without Samatha should be further developed as a strong Samatha risk that they will leave. The Vipassana movement has been criticized for this innovation, especially in Sri Lanka


Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharishi often recommended vichara “I” because of “TMA Vichar” or “knowledge of vichara” means the most effective and the most direct way to realize self-confidence in answering questions about self-liberation and classical texts of yoga and Vedanta. It is a constant focus on the internal consciousness of the “I” or “I”, and it is also the method that followed Nisargadatta Maharaja.

After Ramana Maharishi, I just thought, the individuality of the sense “(Aham, Aham)” I-I “is on its own (Aham Adam)” I am this “or” I am who “is the ego, a human being. Think “I” and ask where it comes from, disappears the thinking of “I” and “Shining” (Sphurana) “AND” (or trust) will appear.

Spiritual Practice


Spiritual exercises and spiritual discipline (often a retreat) is a normal or full performance of days of action and activities undertaken for generating spiritual experiences and developing a spiritual goal for development. A common metaphor used in the spiritual traditions of the great world religions is the path [1]. Therefore, the spiritual exercise transfers the person on the way to the goal. This goal is repeatedly called salvation, liberation or unification (with God). A person on such a path is sometimes called a traveler or pilgrim.

Spiritual Metaphysics

Spiritual Metaphysics is the nature of human experience, which is still only because our physical senses, research, and technology, cannot measure or recognize them as “unnatural” or “spiritual” studies.

Ancient spirituality and religions are systems of beliefs that try to explain the human spiritual experience. All religions in the spring are the illusion of separation because it is the human experience of physical form.

We experience ourselves as separate beings, separated from “God” and the physical universe. From this perspective, separation makes it impossible to capture the real physical experience of life, who we really are, and the power of life, which we already call “God.”

New Age Spirituality


The spirituality of the new age means a united series of faith and practice that appeared in the western world at the end of the 20th century. The basis of the spirit of the New Age is the religious tradition of East and West. belief system includes the idea of self-help books, how to keep secret, and the law of attracting a holistic approach to health, motivation and positive psychology and research, and the study of consciousness as awareness and education.“New Agers,” as they are called, don’t limit their belief system to one particular doctrine.

The Role of Spirituality in Healing


Chronic pain is felt by the body and mind, a metaphysical connection that can not be separated. The mind can be associated with ether compounds as well as physiotherapy. You should not treat chronic pain by ignoring one of these dimensions. Drugs, physiotherapy, and surgery are suitable for the body; Spirituality touches the soul and the mind of the individual. Together they can significantly change the quality of life of people with chronic pain.

The medical definition of spirituality

(National Cancer Institute), spirituality must deal deeply, often with feelings and religious beliefs, including a sense of peace, with other people and beliefs about life.

Nursing definition of spirituality

A comprehensive, comprehensive concept: Spirituality is what gives meaning to life and gives itself. Spirituality is a broader concept than religion, although it is an expression of spirituality. Other expressions are prayer, meditation, interaction with others or nature, relationship with God or more power.

Spiritual Enlightenment – Traditional and Modern Definitions


Original Definitions

The traditional concept of Enlightenment comes from the spiritual traditions of India – especially from various schools of yoga, Vedanta and Buddhism – and from the number of the highest spiritual achievements of the state. The end of the road

Buddhism – Nirvana, Liberation, Awakening, Strike
Yoga – Liberation (Moksha, Mukti), Execution, Liberation, One (Kaivalya) Union (Yoga), Perfection (Poorna)
Vedanta – self-realization, self-knowledge, jnana

It’s durable (you can not lose it when it’s available)
It will grow out of the ego soon
This is the end of all suffering
As you can see, the bar is large.

Modern Conceptions

Bhagavad Gita According to one of the “truths” of a billion people, this is understandable. Nevertheless, today there are many people who consider themselves enlightening.

99% of these people use one of the following:

(a) They think that they are more advanced than they are.
(B) they postulate different levels of enlightenment, we call the traditional definition of “full enlightenment” is somewhere on this scale.
(c) The traditional definition of the Enlightenment is treated as mythical, warped or impossible. They can not even learn how to do it and redefine the release of their level of experience.

I also have no problem with the “B” category, although it can be confusing and misleading for me to refer to particular stages of the road as “enlightenment” when they really meet the traditional standards set by the state (according to Hindu and Buddhist links).