Digital Marketing Trends To Focus On Marketing Planning


With the development of digital trends each year, Marketing specialists must be aware of changes that can be easily adapted to new technologies and remain on the market. It helps them gain a competitive advantage and find new ways to develop their business, generate managers and improve relationships with existing clients.

1. Digital Marketing Planning

Digital marketing planning is a term used in marketing management. It describes the first stage of forming a digital marketing strategy for the wider digital marketing system. The difference between digital and traditional marketing planning is that it uses digitally based communication tools and technology such as Social, Web, Mobile, Scannable Surface.

1.1 Opportunity

Companies can search for marketing and sales opportunities by assessing their own achievements and impacts. This means that they have a competitive advantage because they can analyze the impact of their brands and brand associations. To take advantage of this opportunity, the company must summarize current customers and buy a trip. It allows them to get digital marketing opportunities. This means that they need to get a clear picture of where they are and how many resources they can use in their digital marketing strategy. Like work, time, etc.

1.2 Strategy

The company should also (again) select target markets and individuals and define digital methods. To create a planned digital strategy, the company must review its digital offer (what you offer to the user) and communicate with digital goals. It is, therefore, necessary to define online values ​(ODA), which means that the company must clearly indicate what offers online to customers, e.g. Brand Positioning.

1.3 Action

In the third and final stage, the company must create a budget and management system. This should be a measurable point of contact, such as the public available on all digital platforms. In addition, Marketing Specialists must ensure that budgeted systems and management systems contain proprietary, restricted and earned media. Actions and final planning also require the company to develop measurable content, orally, visual or written media.

2. AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence will certainly enter the world of marketing this year because AI now offers customers segmentation, reorientation, alerts, click tracking and unlimited possibilities. He even creates content now! In the case of CI, voters can predict future patterns of clients based on the data collected. Using this data, Marketing specialists can determine how to approach active buyers through various channels, such as Direct mail, distribution or digital advertising.

AI and Machine Learning

3. Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketing

Advanced Reality Advertising is one of the most important marketing programs available today. It is a way to transform a static or unrealistic environment into a more realistic experience combining the “offer” with the “reality” of the buyer. In addition to AR advertising, many companies have used virtual reality marketing and marketing to create brand awareness. Virtual reality creates a completely new environment that a person can experience. In addition to being used in games, companies can also use them for marketing purposes. This new trend is one of the best known in 2019 Trends.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketing

4. Chatbots

The improvement of artificial intelligence in recent years has improved chat platforms, allowing them to chat with guests and answer frequently asked questions. While many websites have been providing live chat services for many years, the system is still unreliable because users still have a long wait time. The chatbot is cheaper than a customer adviser because it does not have to be recruited and can almost immediately answer users’ questions.


5. Omnichannel Marketing

Currently, consumers are more advanced than ever, looking for information on many channels. The first, multi-channel marketing has been introduced, which gives potential clients the opportunity to communicate with companies via various channels. For example, potential customers can be delivered to your company via Twitter, Facebook ads or your own physical company. E-mail Mail subscribers can communicate via e-mail, and visitors to the site can communicate via chat or comment. Although multi-channel marketing was one step ahead of single-channel marketing, it was unable to solve consumer problems. That’s why marketing offers all kinds of better experience, giving potential clients and clients a seamless and consistent communication process across all channels.

Omnichannel Marketing

6. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and PWA

Search engines generate heavy traffic, especially Google. About 60% of the Google search traffic comes from mobile devices. Increasing the site load increases the bounce rate, which reduces Google’s ranking. Due to this speed requirement, Google initiated the AMP project. The AMP page load is less than 0.5 seconds, so the page decreases. Although Google did not provide AMP as a rating factor, the lower bounce rates resulting from the use of AMP are a positive sign. Currently, there are over 4 billion on the Internet. Progressive Web Applications (PWA) is part of a normally responsive website and local program.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and PWA

7. Engagement-Based Email Marketing

Because email marketing is getting smarter, Marketing specialists are increasingly worried that emails are sent to subscribers on their list. For example, if the contact is very much in the email. You should regularly provide content and update your company until it becomes a loyal customer. On the other hand, if the participant has not opened an e-mail for a certain period of time. They will be treated as sleeping persons and will not receive any additional letters. To emphasize a more personal involvement in the email Sending e-mail, clearly visible direction: E-mail Lists with plain text. These e-mails Letters are sent to the user in a more personalized and manual way, giving them a more personal look.

Engagement-Based Email Marketing

8. Voice Search

Improved speech recognition is becoming more and more popular thanks to searching for words. Thanks to intelligent speakers, you can order items and control smart devices at home only verbally. Top brands are considering how they can keep their promises with voice-enabled devices because they are available and offer more options than ever before, and more and more visitors are using language recognition to communicate with these brands. Therefore, resellers can take advantage of these opportunities to provide more specific, specific content that leads to higher click-through rates.

Voice Search

9.Content Personalization

Personalization or change of content for the public depends on the data of the visitors to ensure adequate content. It consists in displaying dynamic landing pages based on specific criteria, such as geographical, demographic or behavioral features, with a targeted call to action to increase their effectiveness. Although this trend has been common in recent years. Effective e-mail Mail marketing relies on communication with active contacts because they are the most appropriate and the easiest to cross the path. It also prevents spending time with sleeping people. In addition, lead profiling is a critical factor in successful account-based marketing.

Content Personalization

10. Rich Lead Profiling

The big advantage of data enrichment is that all false or wrong information companies can have a certain leader, such as E-mail. Postal address, phone number or address. The final step is the optimization process. Various data enrichment tools use this data to get useful information. Marketing specialists have to make strong conclusions that each of them will send e-mails. E-mail messages tailored to their needs. A mail service which in turn increases the potential for understanding.

Rich Lead Profiling

11. Browser Push Notifications

Push messages come from the field of web browser technology and are one of the most popular trends in website development in 2019. Another important role played by such messages is customer retention and increased conversion rates. For example, trading companies use browser actions to attack and buy their customers who have left their prams.

Browser Push Notifications

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