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Yinyang (yin-yang) is one of the dominant concepts shared by different schools across the history of Chinese philosophy. Just like with a Number of Other Chinese philosophical ideas, the influences of yin yang are easy to see, but its conceptual significance is hard to define

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Ancient Origin of Yin And Yang Review

Ancient Origin Yin and Yang are a profound book that explains how your thought life, emotions and energy can manifest in your physical body. It explores how to balance yin and yang in every aspect of your life-mind, body and spirit. Author Louise Hay explains how you can use the law of attraction to manifest your dreams and goals. Read on to learn more about the ancient origin of yin and yang, how they work together and how you can apply them to achieve amazing results in your life today.

The concept of yin and yang have a very deep and ancient origin. It has been studied extensively by the ancient civilizations around the world. According to them, a balance must be maintained in order for things to be successful or else there will be disastrous effects. The ancient origin teaches us that in order to achieve balance, both yin and yang must be equally balanced. When one falls away, the other automatically comes into play and brings harmony and balance back into the surroundings.

What is Ancient Origin of Yin And Yang?

In this law of attraction review, you will discover the many benefits that come when your yin and yang are in balance. You will also discover how to maintain these balances so you can use them to attract great things into your life. This ancient science has been passed down from generation to generation and is very simple to understand. It has been proven that when the yin and yang are in perfect balance, everything will be favorable in your life.


During your review, you will discover how important it is to balance both yin and yang in your life. This balance brings about happiness and harmony in your life. It also brings about financial abundance. All of these things depend on how well you harmonize your yin and yang. This ancient science teaches that if you want to attract more wealth, love, health, relationships and many other positive aspects into your life, you must learn how to create an atmosphere where they naturally come into being.

Which One Is Yin?

  • The black region represents yin using all the following attributes:
  • Female: This vitality is the opposite of masculine (yang) energy.
  • Passive: Yin energy is restive and receptive.
  • Intuitive: The inner sense of understanding life and its nuances resides in yin energy.
  • Creative: The yin energy builds up and pops forth in creativity that motivates yang energy to actions.
  • Moon: The stages of the moon and also motion of the moon has an effect on the yin energies on Earth.
  • Dark: The shadow represents the most of the saying of yin energy.
  • Cold: The lack of lighting in darkness brings chilly. Coldness becomes a respite from heat in the light.
  • Entry: Yin energy provides a balance against aggressive yang energy.
  • Contracting: The ever-expanding power of yang is reined in when balanced using yin’s contracting force.
  • Downward seeking: The yin cycling part of chic energy constantly seeks a downward movement.
  • Downward movement: Yin energy goes downward in preparation and building up of energy transforming into the climbing yang energy. This is the perpetual cycle of Pilates.
  • Night: The lack of day brings the daring and darkness of night; a period of rest.
  • Soft: Yin energy is soft, making it flexible and capable of giving and bending.
  • Stillness: Together with the downward movement yin energy gets silent and still.
  • Still water: Yin energy breaks in lakes, ponds, deep waters and just in ebbing tides.

Which Is Yang?

The white area represents the yang using all the following characteristics:
Man: Yang is the male energy of chi energy and also the opposite of yin (female) energy. Together they complete a balance of chi energy.
Active: Yang energy is powerful and energetic. It’s the energy of creation.
Active water: Yang energy drives currents in rivers, rivers, oceans and the rising tides.
Logical: Yang energy resonates with the logical mind that tempers the imaginative mind.
Bright: A property of the light is its brightness that illuminates the dark.
Sun: The motion of sunlight affects the yang energy on Earth.
Generation: Yang energy is motion and burst forth with aggressive energy.
Dominance: The yang energy predominates in its strength and massive force.
Powerful: The opposite of yin weakness, yang energy lifts from yin energy .
Hot: The friction of motion generates heat.
Expanding: As yang energy bursts with no yin energy, it grows in its upward movement, eternally expanding.
Tough: Where yin is soft and flexible, yang energy is hard and unbending.
Movement: Yang energy moves upward and expands.
Mountains: The hills rise up from the earth as yang energy.


How does Ancient Origin of Yin And Yang Works?

In this law of attraction review, you will find out how to bring these two elements into balance in your life. Your first step in achieving this goal is to visit your local Feng Shui Master. These teachers have studied for years in the ancient Eastern world and have the unique ability to draw from the forces of yin and yang. They can tell you how to bring these two wonderful elements into balance in your home and office, so that your surroundings look perfectly harmonious.


If you are wondering how this ancient origin can bring balance into your life, think about how you feel when you walk into a restaurant that does not match the color scheme or architecture of the room. Do you feel happy, prosperous and at peace? Do you feel like you can easily communicate with those around you? Of course, you would be happier, since you are able to enjoy food in a setting that makes sense. The same thing goes for businesses that don’t match the kind of energy or atmosphere that their business is trying to project. Having a business that flows with the natural flow of energy of the universe will lead to a successful and fulfilling life.

Benefits of Ancient Origin of Yin And Yang

As stated by yin yang philosophy, the universe and everything in it are both continuous and cyclical. In this infinite cycle, 1 force dominates and is then replaced by the opposing power. Examples illustrating the yin-yang philosophy include:

  • Death and life
  • Heaven and ground
  • Male and female
  • Black and white
  • Night and day
  • Dark and light
  • Health and sickness
  • Poverty and prosperity
  • Cycle of the seasons from spring to winter
  • Cold and sexy
  • Positive and negative


  • Pressure reduction
  • Improved fitness
  • Diminished risk for chronic ailments like high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, etc..
  • Inner peace
  • Reduced pressure
  • Whole brain thinking (effective blending of logic and instinct )
  • Enhanced intuition
  • Recognizing regarding your higher life purpose
  • A profound sense of fulfillment and wholeness


  • Everything in this world have both negative and positive
  • We have to specify what we will take


According to this law of attraction, one of the ways to bring the balance of yin and yang into your life is to use complimentary colors. For instance, if you have light skin and dark hair, the best color to set the scene in your room is light. This will bring out the strength and energy of your foundation. If your skin is very pale, go with a darker color so as to bring out the beauty of your eyes. Light blue is said to be a very good color to balance out the darkness of the universe.

In addition to visiting a Feng Shui consultant, you can also try using certain Feng Shui tools at home to bring about a proper balance of yin and yang in your life. Put up a clock that has two hands on each side with 10:00 on the hour, and see how it affects the space around it. This will show you where your energy is in relation to other areas in your home. Remember, every single object and element in the universe has its own role to play, so be careful to make sure that they are all working towards a great end.


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